Five years of NoPixel: All the greatest moments from GTA RP’s famous server

Five years of No Pixel: All the greatest moments from GTA RP's famous serverRockstar

The GTA RP NoPixel server has been around for five years now, and it’s been the perfect platform for streamers to entertain their fans. So, to celebrate its fifth anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 greatest moments.

When GTA V released on PC in April 2015, nobody could have predicted that NoPixel, a role-playing server created by a small team of developers and contributors, would blow up into the massive success it is today.

However, it’s the reason why the game still constantly pulls an insane number of views on streaming platforms. Its expansive community attracted the biggest streamers in the world, and they’ve been hooked for years.

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Not only has it given them the ultimate platform to produce countless hours of entertaining content for their fans, but it’s also allowed them to play an important part in the server’s unique history and development.

And what better way to celebrate its fifth anniversary than re-living the top 10 greatest moments on the server. It wasn’t easy to narrow down, but we’ve come up with a good blend of memorable moments. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

10. Glitched player turns into horror monster

Like all games and mods, the GTA RP NoPixel server is prone to glitches from time to time. But that doesn’t mean it always ruins the roleplaying experience. In fact, sometimes it can make it better – like when Hoop turned himself into a monster.

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9. Sodapoppin reverses into a petrol pump

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris is one of the most popular contributors on the server. But even though he has created so many memorable moments, who could forget that time he hilariously reversed into a petrol pump with an old man in the backseat?

8. GreekGodX’s bike explodes with vengeance

Dimitri ‘GreekGodX’ Antonatos has been a welcome addition to the server throughout the years. He’s had many great moments, like that one time a group of thugs set his bike on fire only to have it explode in their faces.

7. Pokelawls films Weasel News argument

In 2019, Pokelawls’ character briefly worked as a cameraman for Weasel News. And while he was filming a live news segment, two roleplayers burst out in a heated argument, leaving him and his fans in stitches.

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6. Mr. Chang falls to his death from a crane

LordKebun rose to success on the GTA RP NoPixel server thanks to his iconic Mr. Chang character. He has since transferred his consciousness to a new body and changed his name to Mr. K. However, his antics have not been forgotten.

Two worlds collided when Mr. Chang, who was the leader of the infamous ChangGang at the time, traded blows with a rival clan leader on top of a crane and fell to his death, screaming in anguish along the way.

5. Summit1G’s clutch getaway

Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar showed fans that you could make clutch plays in GTA RP, too, after swooping in to save Mr.K from the police at the perfect time. He jumped off a highway, picked him up in the middle of a chase, and left them in the dust.

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4. xQc meets group of angry Australians

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s time on the GTA RP NoPixel server has been marred with controversy. He’s been banned five times, including a ‘permanent’ one that was eventually overturned. But he’s had plenty of good times, too.

xQc came face to face with a rowdy group of Australian characters on the verge of a road rage street brawl. But when he playfully denounced their nation, they turned their aggression onto him, forcing him to take it back.

3. PENTA’s greatest bait of all time

It wouldn’t be a GTA RP NoPixel top 10 greatest moments list without PENTA in the mix. It was difficult to pick one given he’s had so many, but that time he was involved in the greatest bait of all time has to be up there.

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2. Buddha exits a garage in style

Like PENTA, Buddha is a beloved figure within the GTA RP NoPixel community. His Twitch channel is blowing up in 2021, and it’s all thanks to the many hilarious moments he’s produced, like when he exited a garage in style.

1. xQc, Sykkuno, Blau, and Buddha pull off ‘Rainbow Road’ heist

And last but not least, we have the monumental moment when xQc, Sykkuno, Blau, and Buddha pulled off what many believed to be impossible and made GTA RP NoPixel history by completing three bank heists in a row.

More than 200,000 viewers tuned in across four streams to watch them complete the challenge, dubbed Rainbow Road. It has been lauded as the single best moment in GTA RP history from veterans and newcomers alike.

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Special Mention: Blue622 memorial race

The late Kenny ‘Blue622’ Tancredi helped make the GTA RP NoPixel server as popular as it is today. And when he suddenly passed away on July 4, 2020, it was a sad time for every single player on the server.

However, they banded together to raise more than $40,000 to give him a memorial monument and pay it forward to others in his memory. And around the same time, they hosted a memorial race to celebrate his life.

It’s worth a special mention beyond the rankings because it was a touching moment for players and viewers alike, and one that the GTA RP NoPixel community will never forget.

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And there you have it, folks. It wasn’t an easy task given how many great moments there are, but that completes Dexerto’s list of the top 10 greatest moments in GTA RP NoPixel’s five-year history.

Given that there’s no concrete news about GTA 6’s alleged 2023 release date, the NoPixel will probably continue to thrive for a couple more years. And even then, the developers can always revamp for the sequel.

If that happens, who knows what the limit will be. Koil and his team have defied the odds and made roleplaying mainstream in the gaming industry, and the NoPixel server is only getting more popular as time goes on.

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