Summit1g completely loses it after hilarious GTA RP bank heist fail

Alex Garton. Last updated: Mar 29, 2021
Summit GTA RP
Rockstar Games/Twitch: Summit1g

After failing to obtain any money from a bank heist, Jayrd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar and his crew ended up in an intense police chase that finished in a river in the mountains. Although Summit was finally caught, it’s fair to say the authorities weren’t exactly co-ordinated in their approach.

The GTA NoPixel server has taken over Twitch with some of the top personalities on the platform streaming the game regularly. Two of the most popular are Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and of course, Summit1g.

While Summit perhaps doesn’t have the same polarizing reputation as xQc on the server, his streams are still filled with hilarious and entertaining moments.

His March 28 stream was no different, where a bank heist gone wrong resulted in an incredible police chase and some questionable driving from an emergency medic.

Summit1g GTA
Rockstar Games
Criminals in NoPixel have to come up with unique strategies to escape police.

Summit’s bank heist police chase ends with hilarious mistake

During his stream, Summit decided to attempt a bank heist in order to obtain a big payout. Unfortunately, the crew was unable to access the safe and they failed to obtain any money.

Despite the job going wrong, Summit wasn’t disappointed and assured his crew that they’d complete it next time. That’s when they left the bank and the incredible police chase began.

The police chase went on for over 20 minutes with Summit and his crew even switching vehicles halfway through to throw the police off their trail. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t shake the authorities and after being rammed from the side by a cop car, Summit and his partner’s vehicle flipped over.

Realizing their only option was to ditch the vehicle, they both jumped into a river that was located just beside the road.

“Please sir, there’s a river, there’s a river, don’t push us! Get in the river.”

It’s fair to say the river made it extremely difficult for the cops to get their hands on Summit. His dipping, diving and, jumps from huge heights kept them busy for the best part of 10 minutes and provided the stream with some hilarious moments.

However, in the end, it wasn’t enough and they arrested the injured Summit, bundling him into the back of an ambulance. At this point, you’d assume the chaos and trouble had concluded as the police had the criminals captured. However, the driver of the ambulance that had Summit inside was clearly not particularly skilled behind the wheel.

While attempting to leave the scene, the medical vehicle accidentally pushed a police car into the rapids of the river. It was at this point that Summit couldn’t control his laughter and the chat erupted.

The police vehicle was left floating down the river and the medical driver left as if nothing had happened.

Summit couldn’t contain his laughter as the drive to the hospital continued, and he even slammed his desk he was laughing so hard once the ambulance crashed again

Despite the fact that Summit got caught, no one could have asked for a more funny highlight moment at the end of the chase.

The cops certainly came out on top, but they’ll need to work on their coordination with the other authorities for their next manhunt.