Summit1g criticizes his Twitch chat for harassing GTA RP dev

summit1g on twitchTwitch: Summit1g

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar was left fuming at his chat after they ‘chat hopped’ to harass a NoPixel dev about the balancing of cars in GTA RP.

With GTA RP now dominating Twitch, Summit1g has been one of the biggest streamers to get involved, and even classes himself nowadays as a dedicated GTA streamer.

On his March 27 stream, Summit entered several GTA races with his car, the 8F Drafter. Despite being able to hold his own for most of the race, the Drafter was drastically outpaced on the straights, and Summit was not happy.

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“Everyone’s car is faster than mine on the straight after the 120,” he said, as he was swiftly overtaken. “That mother******’s got a passenger too.”

After Summit1g’s complaints, some of his followers ‘hopped’ to the Twitch stream of NoPixel dev Robin ‘GTAWiseGuy’ Williams to complain on Summit’s behalf. However, Williams was not happy and prematurely ended his stream.

“I’m busting my ass to make things balanced and people are just moaning about s***?” he said. “I’m tired, man. I’m ending stream, I can’t be arsed.”

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Summit1g criticizes GTA RP chat hoppers

After finding out chat members had harassed Williams on his stream, Summit decided to take a break from racing.

“If I can’t complain about my car without you guys going and bitching and complaining to people, we just won’t race for a while,” he said.

“We’ll take a bit. A week off or something like that. It’s getting kind of stupid now. I’ll let everybody get their s*** settled in, then we’ll come back, but for now we’re chilling.”

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“I’m kind of mad that happened, because it makes me look like a d***bag, he added. “So let’s take a break, who cares about how our cars are doing if they’re not racing.”

But Williams issued an apology to his fans on Twitter, and explained that his decision to end the stream abruptly was due to a lack of sleep.

“Not running on much sleep and was trying to chill on another char and chat was tilting me complaining about s***,” he said. “I just need to catch up on sleep is all, my bad fam.”

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Summit isn’t the only Twitch streamer to face problems with chat hoppers. On March 24, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyell criticized chat hoppers as “complete cancer”, and claimed they create a feedback loop that blows situations out of proportion.

With two big streamers in xQc and Summit both condemning chat hopping within a matter of days of each other, it remains to be seen whether their words of discouragement will be successful.

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