xQc slams NoPixel GTA RP players for shutting down all ‘interesting’ storylines

xQc GTA RP no storylinesTwitter: xQc / Rockstar Games

xQc slammed GTA RP players for being too chummy with one another and caring too much about “popularity dynamics,” which he thinks is impacting the quality of storylines.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has had a controversial run on the NoPixel GTA RP server so far, complete with two bans and plenty of drama. However, he’s also been involved in many hilarious moments and storylines

The consensus among his fans and neutral viewers is that he’s done an excellent job to take his role-playing to the next level and redeem himself on the server. 

However, he believes other players need to do the same after claiming there are no good storylines on the server because everyone is too friendly.

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xQc TwitchTwitch: xQcOW
xQc’s adventures on NoPixel’s GTA RP server have taken the internet by storm.

“The problem right now is that there genuinely are no storylines because everybody is ‘buddy-buddying’ with one another,” he said.

He elaborated further, explaining that people are “doing popularity dynamics and popularity exchanges for in-game services.”

For Lengyel, it’s reached “a point where it shuts down any rivalries or storylines that could happen, and that’s a big problem.”

It’s an interesting point with mixed views on both sides. Some viewers believe he’s right on the money, although they think there are still plenty of good storylines.

Others think he’s completely wrong and that he’s simply unaware or not involved in a good chunk of compelling storylines.

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Either way, the main thing GTA RP content is still entertaining as ever, even if there aren’t any big rivalries and feuds. Perhaps that’s a good thing, but maybe xQc’s comments could start a few new ones.