Possible GTA 6 clue resurfaces after Rockstar reveals Trilogy release date

gta 6 releae date leakRockstar Games

With Rockstar Games finally announcing that the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition will launch on November 11, an older clue regarding a potential GTA 6 reveal has resurfaced, reigniting a whirlwind of speculation.

The GTA Remaster Trilogy was one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming and Rockstar may have been teasing the trio of games as early as January, 2021.

As Dexerto previously reported, the January 28 update to GTA Online added the Vetir truck, but the text used was deemed suspicious, with the V and E combining to form a VI while the T, I and R looked like a 7 and an 11.

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Originally, it was believed that GTA 6 could be either released or unveiled on November 7, but now, fans are thinking they misread the potential clue.

GTA 6 teaserRockstar Games
Did Rockstar tease GTA 6 back in January?

Will Rockstar announce GTA 6 with GTA Trilogy?

Users on Reddit are now believing that the message was actually “VI: 11 11” with the E serving as a colon.

“Several months ago, Rockstar published this image featuring a new vehicle (Vetir) for GTA Online. The thing is, in this image you can clearly, clearly see that it says ‘VI : 11 11,’” a user wrote on Reddit.

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“Could this be a possible hint that GTA VI is going to be announced on November 11?” they asked, believing that this was too deliberate to be a coincidence.

GTA the trilogy definitive edition release dateRockstar Games
GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition launches November 11.

While some think there might be something to the message, commenting how it could draw some big attention to the Trilogy and boost sales, others weren’t as easily convinced.

“This is far fetched as hell,” one wrote, while others remarked that the theory was a big “reach.”

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Still, the fact that GTA Trilogy releases on November 11 adds some nice spice to the rumor. To make things even crazier, there have been quite a few leaks suggesting that GTA 6 would be revealed in November, so it’s certainly proving to be quite the month, even if the rumors don’t end up panning out.

We’ll have to wait and see if anything happens on either November 7 or 11 once GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are finally re-released once again.

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