Simple GTA Online trick lets you stay in water without drowning

Whether battling it out in a race through the streets or used as a quick escape from a heist, cars have plenty of well-established uses in the world of GTA Online – and there’s a hidden one that users have only now discovered. 

Since the series’ inception, vehicles have always been the standout feature in Grand Theft Auto. Whether taking over the road in a semi-truck or soaring through the air in a submarine, there’s no shortage of wild things that vehicles can do for you, and nowadays they are more useful than ever before.

A new glitch shows that players are still underestimating the capabilities of the series’ vehicles.

Players can survive underwater without oxygen in GTA Online

On August 23, a clip of a rather weird incident popped up on the GTA Online subreddit.

The video shows a player driving up to the edge of a dam and blasting the door off of the car. After a few well-aimed shots got the door in position, the player shoots again to send the door sliding down the slope and into the water.

After coming to a halt on the floor, the player attempts to shoot a rocket from their RPG, only to find that the rocket didn’t move at all after firing. Thankfully, the explosive stayed perfectly still in the air instead of exploding like expected.

It’s hard to say what inspired the idea of skateboarding into the water using a car door, but the results were A+ and will no doubt result in further exploration of the seabed around the city.

If there’s anything to be learned here, it’s that even after eight years, there’s still so much that we don’t know about the world of GTA Online. Clips of new bugs and glitches are surfacing every day and each one brings new questions about the game.

The next time you boot up the game remember to keep an eye out for people skateboarding across the ocean floor of Los Santos.