Hilarious GTA Online glitch lets Kosatka submarines fly into jets

. 1 year ago
Rockstar Games

A GTA Online player has discovered a bizarre glitch that allows submarines to fly into the air and take out aircrafts – yes, really.

Despite launching in 2013, GTA Online continues to be a popular choice for gamers looking to get their destructive thrills alongside other players, and the recent Cayo Perico Heist update has certainly helped keep things fresh.

One of the best new features of the update was the addition of the Kosatka submarine, which not only allows players to visit the island of Cayo Perico, but also gives them yet another way to traverse the expansive world of GTA Online.

But the new sub-aquatic vehicle doesn’t come without its faults, as one player has discovered a hilarious glitch that leaves the submarine flying into the air – and destroying jets as a result.

GTA Online Kosatka Submarine
Rockstar Games
The submarine becomes a powerful jet destroyer with this GTA Online glitch.

GTA Online Kosatka submarine glitch

In a video shared to the GTA Online subreddit, a Reddit user can be seen flying their Hydra over the water and shooting missiles at a Kosatka submarine, which they explained was controlled by a friend.

But they were in for a shock when the submarine rose out of the water, causing their Hydra to crash into the huge vehicle and explode on impact, resulting in an instant KO.

“Turns out submarines can jump in the air to take out aircrafts,” they wrote.

The post has received over 14k upvotes and plenty of comments from GTA Online players, who were either curious about how it happened or simply laughing at the bizarre moment.


“This is actually a common maneuver in war it’s called the ‘F**k you and f**k your logic’ maneuver,” wrote one GTA Online player, while others joked that the video was proof of why you “don’t mess with Pavel”.

It seems that the cause of this specific glitch is a simple one: When explosives from either the B-11 Strikeforce, Hydra, or P-996 Lazer aircrafts are shot at the submerged part of the Kosatka submarine, it will rise into the air.

While the Reddit user explained that it was a friend they were shooting at, it’s heartwarming to think that this glitch could end up destroying annoying griefers who go after submarines in the game.

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