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Rockstar Games hits GTA Online Time Trials with surprise payout boost

Published: 16/Apr/2021 16:25 Updated: 20/Apr/2021 15:15

by James Busby


GTA Online’s Time Trials offer players a fast and exciting way to earn cash, but it now looks like the payouts are about to get bigger.

Time Trials have always been a great way for players to try out their fastest vehicles, beat race times in record speed, and earn a sizable chunk of cash on the side. After all, tearing through the crime-infested streets of Los Santos is one of the most exciting experiences in the game.

However, Rockstar has now changed the Time Trial payouts and is rewarding players with even more dollars than usual. Whether you’re looking to earn money fast in GTA Online or just wish to unleash your inner speed demon, then you’ll want to take advantage of the increased rewards. 


GTA Online boosted Time Trial payouts

GTA Online Time Trial
Rockstar Games / GTA Wiki
GTA Online Time Trials update has doubled the cash rewards.

As the name suggests, Time Trials are weekly races that task players with racing through a specified route under a certain time. If you manage to master the right route and achieve a winning par time, then you’ll net yourself a nice cash prize. 

The standard par payouts usually net players $104,000, while failing to beat the par time will yield as little as $1,000. Time Trials may not be as lucrative as GTA Online’s heists or Casino games, but they are still a great way to earn some quick money. 

However, Rockstar has now updated both the Galileo Park and Construction Site I Time Trials. Instead of the usual payout, they both now reward players with $200,000 for completing them.


This is particularly useful for any GTA Online players that are looking to purchase a new luxury car or arm themselves with the game’s best weapons. 

The two Time Trials and their par requirements can be found below: 

Time Trial Location Par Time
Galileo Park Vinewood Sign in Galileo Park to the Kortz Center. 2:05.000
Construction Site I (RC Time Trial) Little Seoul construction site. 1:50.000

Once you’ve done these two Time Trials and claimed your prize, be sure to check out our GTA Online money guide for more ways to earn those in-game dollars.