Rockstar addresses future single-player plans as GTA 6 rumors intensify

Published: 19/Dec/2020 14:02

by Daniel Cleary


Rockstar developers have confirmed that they are looking to improve their focus on “single-player elements” in titles like Grand Theft Auto going forward, amid expectation for the franchise’s next entry.

Grand Theft Auto V is constantly updated to keep the game – at least the online portion – fresh, as with the recent Cayo Perico DLC which expanded the map, added new guns, and more vehicles for players to experience. However, it has been over 7 years since it was released, leaving fans curious about just when the next GTA installment could be coming.

Although Rockstar has shared no information about a sixth GTA title, there have been multiple leaks and rumors which suggest that it is in development.

Cayo perico in GTA online
Rockstar Games
Rockstar is continuing to update GTA Online with new Heists, weapons, and more.

After GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist was released, Rockstar developers Tarek Hamad and Scott Butchard shared plans for the future of single-player titles such as Grand Theft Auto, in an interview with GQ.

After highlighting the narrative in the Cayo Perico Heist update, the pair explained that they are eager to improve their focus on single-player elements, and even blend them with multiplayer modes going forwards.

“I think you can see that with Online and I think going forward we’re going to inject more of that single-player element in there,” Butchard added.

Frankin in GTA V
Rockstar Games
Rockstar has revealed plans to integrate online modes with GTA’s single-player in the future.

Hamad also claimed that, as the Grand Theft Auto universe continues to evolve with future titles and updates, Rockstar will “absolutely” focus on delivering compelling single-player elements to the franchise.

While it is unclear how these single-player elements will work in GTA’s online multiplayer modes in future Grand Theft Auto games, many fans are eager to see just what Rockstar will have in-store for them.

As of now, Rockstar has yet to announce that they are working on GTA 6, but we’ll be sure to update you with any information once it is revealed.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends teases Season 8 Legend abilities in-game

Published: 16/Jan/2021 17:26

by Calum Patterson


The time has come for Apex Legends to begin dropping teasers for the new Legend, as we’re only weeks away from the launch of Season 8. Players have already found the new hints dropping (literally) on Kings Canyon.

Like previous seasons, Respawn likes to drop some hints about the upcoming character, and specifically their abilities, in-game, so that everyone can jump on the hype train early.

Last season, it was all about Horizon’s Gravity Lifts, which were placed sporadically around the map, and players could activate them after getting her access key from the Firing Range.

This time, players won’t need to do any hunting, but will need to survive till the later rings on Kings Canyon to see the teaser for themselves.

Season 8 Legend teaser on Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon returned to Apex on January 15, along with Mirage Voyage, and will be around for one week. Apex also released the first teaser on social media, all about Salvo.

But the in-game teasers are what it’s all about, as we finally get to see what the new Legend will be capable of.

Once you survive until the later rounds, random missiles will begin dropping from the sky. Check out this video of it in action.

They sit dormant until they are shot at – which will cause them to spontaneously combust, erupting the surrounding area in fire. Players have started to show the teaser in action on Reddit.

How exactly this will work as a Legend ability remains to be seen. It could be like Bangalore or Gibraltar’s abilities, where they explode automatically, or perhaps players will need to shoot them to set them off.

Fuse missile apex legends

Who is the Season 8 Legend?

That, we still don’t know. Respawn are unlikely to reveal them until much closer to the season launch, typically around one week before.

If you don’t mind the spoilers, data miners have been trying their hardest to uncover who the Legend will be and their abilities. Although, it’s always worth remembering that Respawn have tried to fool data miners before – like with Forge.

How they will fit into the lore is also unknown, but all signs point to them being from the planet Salvo, which has just reunited with the Syndicate – the group in charge of the Apex games.