GTA fans may have found new info on GTA 6 release & Vice City Remake

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto fans anxious for Rockstar Games to finally announce GTA 6 or a possible remake of Vice City may soon get their wish, according to some information fans have unearthed.

As always, take everything you read here with a grain of salt as Rockstar has yet to officially unveil either title, but with all the hints and teases from the company as of late, chances are something is up. There’s an awful lot of circumstantial evidence piling up, so let’s dig in.

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Over on Reddit, fans have compiled a list of clues over the years that seem to suggest that Rockstar was looking into a return to Vice City, but not just for GTA 6.

Redditor shimontec believes this is a sign that a Vice City remake is being built on the Red Dead Redemption 2 engine and perhaps remastered versions of GTA 3 and San Andreas.

GTA 6 teaserRockstar Games
Has Rockstar been teasing GTA 6 out in the open?

What’s the evidence? Back in August, Vector Hold, an “80’s Electro Synth project” tweeted that Rockstar was “hitting up Synthwave artists for a Radio Station” and that GTA 6 would likely be taking place in Miami.

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The user noted that music is one of the last things to be done in development. But if rumors about GTA 6 being far from release are true, could this mean we are getting something else instead?

Additionally, there were weapon files for modern guns found within the code of Red Dead Redemption 2 – guns that don’t line up with GTA 5 or Online either. It would then make sense that they’re being tested in the RDR2 engine, but are for another game completely.

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GTA Vice City 6Twitter
A return to Vice City seems likely.

The rumors about a return to Vice City have been swirling for a while, especially within the realm of giving players another location to explore in GTA Online.

With GTA 5 being ported to PS5 and Xbox Series consoles later in 2021, plus the standalone version of GTA Online, fans are expecting something big to accompany the rerelease.

A remake or remaster of Vice City could be just what fans have been waiting for, at least until GTA 6.

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