GTA 6 fan reimagines trailer for Switch port using PlayStation 1 graphics

Eleni Thomas
GTA 6 Nintendo Switch headerReddit: u/PREACHSS

GTA 6 fans have recreated the new announcement trailer using old-school PlayStation graphics and jokes that this is what the upcoming game would look like on the Nintendo Switch.

Since developer Rockstar dropped the first trailer for the highly anticipated GTA 6, the gaming industry has been flooding the internet with theories, videos, and more about the upcoming installment in the beloved franchise.

The new trailer broke the record for the most views of any video game launch trailer on YouTube, spurring the hype for GTA 6 in the process. While many have been focusing on the positives from the trailer, including the impressive visuals and scope of the map, others have taken a different approach.

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YouTube channel Jushton created the trailer in old-school PlayStation 1 graphics, with Reddit user then reposting the trailer and jokingly stating that this is what the Nintendo Switch port would look and run like.

The post, which has over 150 comments, is flooded with players furthering the meme. One Redditor wrote “locked at 24 fps” while another added, “Nintendo fans would rave about it and it’d win multiple GOTY awards.”

Another GTA fan also commented, “You’re being very generous. This trailer was way to smooth and without a single screen tear or frame drop.”

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Since the Nintendo Switch launched, gamers have been poking fun at the console for how many ported versions of popular triple AAA titles run on the platform. 

The latest game to receive this treatment, Hogwarts: Legacy, slammed by fans for no longer being an open-world game, with Nintendo opting to section off each area to ensure the game was able to be optimized for the Switch.

At the time of writing, GTA 6 has not been announced for the Nintendo Switch in any capacity. However, it has been confirmed to be launching on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. 

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