xQc completes ultimate GTA RP police escape but it gets messy


During a recent livestream while playing the GTA RP NoPixel server, a role-playing mod that allows players take over the roles of random people within the GTA world, xQc escaped from the cops in a very on-brand way for the game.

Escaping from the cops in Grand Theft Auto is arguably one of the most fun and exhilarating things to do in the game. Everybody who’s played it has a story about escaping from the police in one way, shape, or form, and it normally results in some pretty hilarious moments.

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But what if you had to escape from the cops that were being controlled by other players? Well, as it turns out in xQc’s scenario, it’s not that much different than how it is normally in GTA Online.

During a recent GTA NoPixel RP livestream, which was clipped by a few Redditors, the streamer was arrested in-game by other players portraying cops. As the police attempt to convince him to give up his co conspirator, Whippy, they start hatching an escape plan.

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After agreeing to meet at the place where the arrest was taking place, Whippy pulls up in a car, xQc gets in, and the pair quickly take off, but not before immediately running over one of the cops, in true GTA fashion. The resulting police chase is hilarious and feels like it’s ripped right out of the normal online or single-play modes.

GTA RP are role-playing mods/servers for GTA Online and they allow players to take control of characters around the world, rather than the standard one they would normally play in single-player or online. Fans can take control of everyday roles like car dealership owners, judges, or even police officers like the ones seen in the clip.

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GTA RP servers have been blowing up as of late, with one of the more popular being NoPixel, due to it being one of the largest available right now. Currently, players who want to join the server have to apply to get in, which is also the case for most roleplay servers right now.

All in all, it’s pretty easy to see the potential for funny moments with these servers, so hopefully more streamers join in on the fun soon.

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