Fan finds epic Red Dead Redemption Easter egg in GTA 6 reveal trailer

Eleni Thomas
Red Dead GTA 6 header

Fans have spotted a subtle Red Dead Redemption Easter egg within the GTA 6 launch trailer that pays homage to a franchise great.

When the GTA 6 trailer finally dropped earlier in December 2023, fans were quick to begin searching for Easter eggs in the new footage. With old GTA references, real-life people and more included in the two and a half minute long trailer.

However, as is the case with developer Rockstar, the number of Easter eggs included in the trailer is so large that fans are still only now just finding new hints and teases. 

The latest Easter egg to be uncovered makes reference to another major series from the devs, Red Dead Redemption.

The Easter egg, which was first spotted by Twitter user tempestGTA, is a nod to Red Dead Redemption 2 character Everett Morgan. Towards the end of the trailer, protagonist’s Lucia and Jason can be seen kicking the door of a store open moments before they go to rob it. 

The doors are littered with stickers, one of which has the face of Everett Morgan, a character from the Red Dead universe.

So far, this is the first major Red Dead Easter egg that fans have picked up on. However, if anymore pop up we’ll be sure to keep you in the know. Other than GTA, Red Dead is one of Rockstar’s most beloved and popular franchises. 

The sequel, which was released in 2018, was met with near-unanimous praise from critics and fans alike. 

For a bigger deep dive on all things GTA 6 trailer Easter eggs, Dexerto has amassed some of the most exciting hints and nods in our piece here.

For all the latest GTA news and updates, be sure to check out Dexerto’s full coverage here.

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