GTA Online players claim Rockstar are ruining economy ahead of GTA 6

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto players believe that Rockstar Games are purposefully ruining the GTA Online economy in order to abandon the multiplayer mode ahead of GTA 6’s announcement and subsequent launch. 

The excitement for Grand Theft Auto VI has been growing ever since major online updates for GTA V started to slow down. Players had been expecting Rockstar to finally break their near-decade-long silence about the new game in March, though that didn’t happen.

Some reports have claimed that the game is barely in early development, while insiders have stated that the story is “done” and the rest of the game is almost there. Though, it seems to be a mixed bag. However, some players believe that Rockstar has been using GTA Online to tease an announcement for GTA 6 – both in their new missions and their changes to the economy.

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Rockstar Games
GTA Online players have racked up some serious cash over the years.

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The theory was brought up by Reddit user James_Torelli, who suggested that the developers are pumping money into GTA Online so that players can bridge the economic gap. In their post, the Redditor pointed to the increased amount of log-in bonuses over the last few weeks helping players rack up some serious cash.

James_Torelli suggested that as players get more money and buy the most expensive items in-game, “there will be no more grind or sense of progression,” and the game will merely become a “glorified sandbox.”

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That, they believe, will turn players away and leave accounts that have millions stored up going unused – especially as Rockstar begins their marketing for GTA 6 and the next-gen version of GTA Online. 

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As there is no real player-to-player economy – outside of handing over money from jobs and doing VIP work – some fans disagreed with James_Torelli’s theory, suggesting that GTA Online is headed for a major update, not death. 

However, others suggested that the Redditor is on the right lines, pointing to all the speculation that currently surrounds GTA 6.

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Of course, whether you believe the Redditor or not, there is no way of knowing what Rockstar has up their sleeve until they announce something one way or another. 

Many GTA Online players would happily take a major update, but the appetite for GTA 6 is certainly bigger than that.

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