GTA 6 could be “70% done” according to Rockstar insider

Rockstar Games

Following reports that the next Grand Theft Auto game was still in “early development,” a reliable insider has rubbished those claims, instead stating that they’ve heard GTA 6 is up to 70% finished.

In a series of interviews Rockstar employees gave to Kotaku, it was revealed that the studio is apparently taking a different approach to the development of their next game, after the extreme crunch that plagued Red Dead Redemption 2.

The most notable point of the report for fans, however, was that the game was apparently still in “early development,” meaning the next GTA is likely years and years away.

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Rockstar Games
Seven years after GTA 5, fans are becoming impatient for the next game in the series.

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This came as a surprise to some, while others thought it realistic because of the heavy load Red Dead Redemption 2 would have put on the studio as a whole.

But, Rockstar is a massive developer with studios around the world, and according to reliable insider Tez2, he’s heard much differently about the progress on GTA 6.

He previously stated that he’s heard the game is actually around halfway complete, and has now expanded upon this claim. “[Jason Schreier] saying [GTA 6 is in early development] is likely a mistake,” Tez2 said on GTAForums. “I’m positive it already passed early stages of development.”

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He continues, claiming he’s heard that the game is in fact “60% to 70% done from what I have heard.”

Realistically, no one knows exactly what stage the game is at other than the developers themselves, but Tez2 has a proven track record of reliable information about Rockstar over a number of years.

So far, neither Rockstar nor Take-Two (the game’s publisher) have confirmed what they are working on, so predictions at this stage are purely speculative.

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With RDR2 released in October 2018, it’s logical that Rockstar have been hard at work on a new game since then, but some resources will also have been given over to both GTA Online and Red Dead Online, both of which still have large player bases.

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