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How to get $500,000 free in GTA Online in May

Published: 1/May/2020 17:43

by Jacob Hale


Grand Theft Auto V Online players are in for a bit of luck throughout the month of May, with developers Rockstar Games offering a free $500,000 to anyone who is eligible.

The quest for making more money in GTA Online is never-ending, with an endless supply of goods to buy including cars, property and weapons to make yourself the talk of Los Santos.

Now, though, Rockstar want to make things a little easier, offering players some free cash to boost their profile. Here’s how to get it.

Rockstar Games
Time to pick up that car you’ve been waiting to get.

Although in the world of GTA Online $500,000 isn’t a completely game-changing amount of money, it’s definitely a welcome little deposit of cash, and could certainly help push towards that supercar you’ve been trying to get.

So how do you get the GTA$500,000? Well, it couldn’t actually be any easier: all you have to do is play the game!

As explained by Rockstar themselves in a tweet posted on May 1, anybody who logs in to GTA Online during the month of May will receive a $500,000 bonus, deposited directly to their Maze bank account in-game within seven days.

Also throughout May, GTA Online players will be able to get a Reaper as a Lucky Wheel Casino reward, cash, and RP boosts for playing different modes as well as discounts on certain property and vehicles, as per the game’s April 30 update.

The discounts might come in particularly clutch when you’ve got this extra bit of money in your account – so if there’s something you’ve been keeping your eye on, now’s your time to go for it.

There are regular promotions such as these for GTA Online, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any news or updates on how you can earn free GTA$ in-game.


Alien Business Battle finally arrives with GTA Online Halloween patch

Published: 29/Oct/2020 11:40

by Andrew Highton


The Halloween season is continuing in GTA 5. This week sees more Halloween-themed items and you can also get your hands on the Franken Strange car, claim more free cash, and engage in an Alien Business Battle with the latest GTA Online Patch!

Another week, another GTA Online update. This time we’re continuing the celebration of the Halloween season with new vehicles and promotions. Also, the long-rumored Alien Business Battle finally lands in GTA 5 too.

The information comes directly from the main source for GTA Online updates, Twitter’s own TezFunz2 – and we can let you all in on this information too.

Here’s everything you need to know about this week’s continued GTA 5 Halloween update patch notes.

GTA Online October 29 update: Patch notes

Casino rewards vehicle

The franken strange in GTA 5
Rockstar Games
The Franken Strange will leave people for dead.
This week’s casino car is the ghoulish Franken Strange. Classed as a ‘Sports Classics’ car, this demon on wheels would normally cost you $550, 000.

According to the GTA Wiki website: “The unlikely product of Albany’s design team leafing through a vintage car magazine while in the depths of a masculine overdose. The Franken Stange will make you the envy of goths, emo hipsters and vampire wannabes everywhere. Don’t be fooled by what’s left of its old world charm; the steering linkage may be from 1910, but the engine has just enough horsepower to tear itself (and you) to pieces at the first bump in the road.”

So what are you waiting for? Go and spin to win!

Alien Business Battle, mission cash rewards & free gifts

A UFO in GTA 5 Online
It’s 2x GTA$ and RP this week on these modes:
  • Alien Survivals
  • Business Battles
  • Halloween-themed Adv modes

Business Battle Event Cargo Reward: Cultstoppers Tee

Alien Business Battles are now available, only at night.

There are free log-in rewards as usual with players getting: Orange Dot Tech Mask, Butchery and Other Hobbies T-shirt, and a Knife After Dark T-shirt.

Races/Time Trials

  • Premium Race: A Sign of Things to Come
  • Time Trial: Storm Drain
  • RC Time Trial: La Fuente Blanca


the lurcher in gta v online
Rockstar Games
The Lurcher in GTA 5.

In this week’s discounts, players can expect big discounts on various facilities, renovations, and Halloween vehicles.

  • 40% Off: Facilities,
  • 25% Off: Facility Renovations
  • 50% Off: Nightmare Brutus, Nightmare Cerberus, Nightmare Imperator, Nightmare Scarab, Nightmare ZR380

There is also 30% off select other vehicles too:

  • Lurcher
  • Romero Hearse
  • Sanctus

All the Sports Classics discounts have now ended.

PS Plus Owners also get their usual $1 million for logging in.