Major GTA 6 story details debunked by insider

Connor Bennett
GTA Online characters standing in circle holding guns

A popular GTA 6 leak regarding the characters and story in Rockstar Games’ next title has been debunked by a gaming insider who says many details are still “in flux.”

To this point, Rockstar Games have been pretty quiet when it comes to Grand Theft Auto 6. The iconic game developers have confirmed that the game is in development and that they know they have to exceed some expectations.

As a result of the silence, fans eagerly awaiting the next installment of the sandbox franchise have been drawn into a number of supposed leaks and rumors regarding the highly-anticipated title.

Everything from the number of characters to their backstory, radio stations and mini-games have surfaced in these apparent leaks, however, if you’re expecting a return to GTA 5’s three character system, you’re going to be disappointed.

Gaming insider debunks GTA 6 character leak

That’s right, if you’ve seen the leaks about GTA 6 having three characters and a character select wheel similar to Grand Theft Auto 5 and gotten excited about it, you’re going to be let down.

Gaming insider Jason Schreier debunked the rumor on Reddit after fans claimed that the leak had weight behind it following a datamine about an upcoming GTA Online DLC.

“GTAVI does not have three protagonists. That’s all I’ll say for now,” Schreier posted. The reporter also noted that “the game is in development and many details are still in flux or not decided yet,” and that “nobody has access to as much detailed information as what’s been posted by this Reddit user.”

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Obviously, the news will come as a blow to some fans who were hopeful about switching between characters during missions again, but it is another example of needing to be wary of what GTA 6 rumors you believe.

At this point, the game is still a few years away from hitting shelves, and if Rockstar hasn’t cemented some details then leaks could be out of date shortly after they’re reported. So, it’s best to always take them with a pinch of salt.

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