Leaked GTA Online DLC reveals new weapons and activities

Ryan Lemay
GTA character holding the Railgun

GTA Online usually receives a large summer update. A leak revealed that new weapons may be included in the upcoming update.

After a long spell of little content, GTA Online is receiving a lot of love this summer.

Rockstar recently issued a community update and made a few long-awaited changes for GTA Online. The Oppressor MK2 was nerfed, snacks and armor were revamped, and players now earn more money for completing missions.

GTA Online has not received any new weapons since “The Contract” update in December. The heavy rifle, EMP launcher, and a stun gun were all introduced. The weapon drought may potentially end soon.

GTA Online DLC leak reveals two new weapons

Rockstar Games insider Tez2 tweeted a report from leaker alloc8or, detailing the new rumored GTA Online DLC.

According to the leak, Rockstar codenamed the new update “DLC 1 2022”

The leak reveals two new rifles. One is a tactical rifle, and the other is codenamed PRCSRIFLE.

There will reportedly be new skydiving activities that are connected to a new “skydive” collectible. Other leakers hinted at a new activity out of San Andreas.

Also included are 26 new vehicle slots. Tez2 stated, “each garage has 10 slots for cars and three slots for bicycles. 26 new slots indicate we are receiving 20 new vehicle garage space.”

Alloc80r noted that more information would be shared closer to release. We will provide any future updates regarding “DLC 1 2022.”