Is FiveM shutting down? GTA RP fans concerned amid GTA 5 mod takedowns

Connor Bennett
GTA RP FiveM logo

Rockstar Games and Take-Two have been going after different GTA 5 mods and it’s got GTA RP fans concerned that FiveM might shut down, however, the devs believe that won’t be the case.

GTA RP has made a roaring comeback on Twitch over the last few months, with plenty of big creators getting involved with servers like NoPixel.

While the roleplay happens inside the world of GTA 5, it’s ultimately a mod, and hosted away from the official Rockstar servers and on different launchers.  The most popular of which is FiveM.

FiveM is the home to NoPixel, the biggest GTA RP server around, and with Take-Two and Rockstar coming after GTA 5 mods, some fans have been left concerned.

Take-Two have shut down mods like an updated Vice City map using GTA 5.

Will FiveM and GTA RP servers shut down?

In recent weeks, Rockstar’s publishers – Take-Two – have gone after a number of popular map mods for GTA 5, with some fans suggesting that they’re preparing themselves ahead of a GTA 6 reveal.

Others have said that it’s just the publishers defending their copyright, but with FiveM falling under a mod, could it be shut down? Well, possibly.

FiveM have said in the past that they could be shut down by Rockstar but they’ve kept going strong over the years, with servers getting bigger and better than ever. The threat of a shutdown will always loom large, but there’s nothing concrete to say that it’ll be going away anytime soon.

FiveM shut down hoax tweets

Of course, FiveM isn’t the only GTA RP launcher around, with Rage being a popular alternative for some developers and servers.

A rogue set of tweets from the FiveM Twitter account on July 19 had some viewers believing that Rage had attacked them and forced FiveM to shut down. However, that wasn’t the case and it was quickly cleared up as a hoax.

As previously mentioned, the threat of a shutdown has loomed large for years, but it just hasn’t happened.

With the number of eyes watching GTA RP, and the number of talented developers involved, Rockstar could simply just be letting them have their fun and leave them alone, but we’ll wait and see.