Rockstar’s clamp down on GTA V mods paves way for GTA 6 news

Nick Farrell
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Rockstar is seemingly cracking down on the modding community once again, but with no information on the upcoming GTA 6 title. Could this be the first indication of an upcoming announcement? 

While Rockstar has been putting an ample amount of resources into GTA 5 Online, players worldwide are still patiently waiting for the eventual announcement of GTA 6, but it appears it isn’t in sight anytime soon.

However, with all this said, Rockstar has recently been putting a lock on GTA 5 mods once again, as they’ve shut down a flurry of them in recent weeks.

Coming out of the blue, gamers are interested to see if Rockstar could be gearing up to make a potential announcement in regards to GTA 6 after removing popular downloads.

gta v
GTA 5 Online has been adding new content frequently over recent years!

Rockstar taking down more GTA 5 mods

This isn’t the first time Rockstar has taken action against the modding community within GTA 5, considering they went all-out in 2017 by taking down certain files.

Now, they are once again pulling some of the community-made add-ons that players are enjoying, and there’s been a lot of speculation as to why they are doing this all of a sudden again. Mods they’ve pulled off the game lately have included some remakes of Vice City and Liberty City, which were all fan favorites.

With Rockstar putting the hammer down on certain tools, this has led to rumors that they could be preparing an announcement surrounded around GTA 6 sometime in the near future.

This is primarily due to the notion that fans believe they are removing these add-ons as they’re changing their policies regarding mods, which could turn into something they’re working on behind the scenes.

Whether or not the removal of some of these mods is actually Rockstar preparing for a GTA 6 announcement, is still up in the air. But, fans of the series are growing anxious waiting for any information around the game, but hopefully, news will shed light soon!

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