GTA 6 leak reveals Vice City theme park and potential radio stations

Gta vice city's tommy vercitti standing by a carRockstar Games

Another new GTA 6 leak has surfaced, claiming to show off the long-rumored theme park in Vice City as well as new radio stations as pieces continue to fall into place.

The development of GTA 6 remains the biggest mystery in gaming today, with both Rockstar Games and their publishers, Take-Two, staying silent on it.

Leakers and insiders have been hard at work trying to get some details about the next installment of the iconic franchise, with some claiming it’s still a few years away from release but it is being worked on.

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On top of that, everything seems to point towards a return to Vice City – or at least, an expanded version of the South Florida-themed location anyway – with a ‘leaked’ map surfacing in the past few weeks.

GTA 6 map leakRockstar Games
All signs point towards GTA 6 taking place in Vice City.

While some leakers and fans have attempted to dismiss the leak, there are plenty of others who have been attempting to verify that it might be real – or just an incredibly detailed fake.

Well, another clue has popped up surrounding the ‘Quincy World’ location that many assumed to be a theme park.

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This time, there is what appears to be an advertisement for Fred’s Fun World – a theme park with a normal of different lands inside of that. One of these is that leaked ‘Quincy World’ location, and there’s even comically named shops and attractions that would fit in with the GTA humor.

Additionally, another leak from the same anonymous user also claimed to reveal a number of in-game radio stations – with the Vice City favorite Fever FM making a return.

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Some fans played this image off as a concept or more of a fake than the map, given that there are seemingly unlockable stations too.

Screenshot of apparent radio stations in GTA 6Screenshot via Reddit
There are some new and old radio stations in the ‘leak’.

As ever, with anything GTA 6-related, it’s best to take things with a pinch of salt for now.

While the ‘leaks’ all seem to stack up and make sense, they could all be part of an elaborate ruse to prank GTA fans or they’re just an incredibly detailed concept. We’ll have to wait and see.

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