Insane GTA Online glitch lets players fly around in a Chernobog

Daniel Megarry
GTA Online Chernobog Glitch

A truly wild GTA Online bug has left one player flying around the Grand Senora Desert in the most unlikely vehicle – the Chernobog truck.

Pretty much every big multiplayer game features glitches upon glitches, and GTA Online is no different. In recent years we’ve seen everything from MKII Oppressors going invisible in the game to floating Kosatka submarines.

Now, it’s the Chernobog’s turn. The powerful vehicle is a popular defender that can take on the likes of Oppressors with its heat-seeking missiles, but it pales when it comes to actual driving as it’s very slow and hard to maneuver.

But a hilarious GTA Online glitch that’s been discovered on Reddit might just fix the truck’s agility problem – by sending it flying through the air with breakneck speed.

GTA Online Chernobog
The Chernobog is a powerful vehicle in GTA Online.

In a video shared to the GTA Online subreddit, siigada can be seen entering a Chernobog that has another vehicle resting on its roof. When they go to drive off, the Chernobog backflips off the ground and proceeds to spin through the air.

The player described that they wanted to take the glitch “to the extreme”, so they flew it as far as they could before it crash-landed back to the ground. Surprisingly, both siigada and the Chernobog survived the glitch relatively unscathed.

We’re not sure exactly what caused these aerial acrobatics to happen, but it seems like it’s got something to do with the vehicle that was resting on the roof of the Chernobog before it took off.

The crazy glitch amused fellow GTA Online players, with one joking that the truck was now the “new fastest vehicle in the game” and another adding that they had “[finally] found a use for the Chernobog.”

It’s not the only bug in the game right now. Following the Cayo Perico Heist update, several GTA Online players have been left frustrated when mechanics began dropping their vehicles off miles away on the map.

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