Summit1g gets big surprise while looting store in GTA RP

Summit1g playing NoPixel GTA RPTwitch: Summit1g

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar was on a looting spree in the NoPixel GTA RP server. However, one of his heists were cut short by a big surprise, which forced the streamer to even break character in laughter.

Summit’s return to NoPixel has brought the GTA RP scene back to life on Twitch. Yes, his character Charles Johnson is known for being a bit of a racer, but Summit has been getting around the block doing a few different things.

So, when he started executing on a few gas station heists on stream, everyone was tuning in with bated breath for whatever antics were on the way.

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“Oh hell yeah man, my accomplice is right there. Okay listen, I’ll keep you guys at that side of the store, far away from the registers,” Summit ordered at the start of the looting spree.

“We’ve gotta scare this guy.

Let me try kicking the wall. You ⁠— get to the f**king back, and get this sh*t open man. Don’t you move,” he added, moving towards the backroom and finding a lone employee.

However, the heist didn’t quite go as planned. The ‘new employee’ stood up to Summit, but it wasn’t just any old employee. In fact, it was a well-known roleplayer, with a slightly different look.

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“Yo, what’s good bro? What’s good man? This is my part-time job,” they said; and it was pretty obvious that it was RatedEpicz on an older version of Randy Bullet.

This makes it even funnier, considering both Summit’s Charles Johnson character and Randy Bullet are part of the Chang Gang.

“What the f**k. You’ve got to be kidding me,” Summit replied, breaking character. “What’s your name?”

“They call me Randino,” they answered.

Summit, not one to end the robbery on a dull note, wanted to try his luck at getting into the safe. “You know the combination of the safe?” he asked Randino.

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“Oh hell no, this is my first day. You mind leaving my store now?” they replied.

Summit couldn’t believe his luck, laughing while leaving the store ⁠— not without taking some of the cash out of the registers.

“Let’s get the f**k out of here man. It was a f**king bait man,” he told his accomplice. “There was a dude back there bro that just looked like the Regional Manager. I went back there and he started talking to me. He sounded like Randy.

“Randy you are such a f**king dumb***,” Summit concluded.

It was a hilarious moment, and might have Summit thinking twice about breaking into gas stations. You never know when Regional Manager Randino might stop him.

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