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GTA Online glitch is making mechanics drop cars off miles away

Published: 4/Feb/2021 23:11

by Daniel Megarry


A recently-discovered glitch is causing frustration among GTA Online players, as it causes mechanics to drop their cars off miles away from where they ordered them.

Regular players will know that one of the most convenient features in GTA Online is the ability to call a mechanic to deliver your vehicles directly to your location. You’ll pay for the service, but it’s only a small fee for such a useful feature.

While this usually works without a hitch and spawns requested vehicles in just a few seconds, a new bug is making the feature pretty pointless for some players, as it’s begun dropping vehicles off in entirely different locations.


GTA Online Mechanic
Rockstar Games
Mechanics are spawning cars miles away thanks to a new bug in GTA Online.

The glitch was pointed out by Reddit user Choice_Ad_8423, who shared a screenshot of their map. It highlights the difference in location from where they ordered the vehicle and where it actually appeared.

“Ordered my Toreador and it spawned a mile away. Wtf [Rockstar],” they wrote, later adding that there have been a few places on the map that this glitch has happened.

This bug is especially frustrating as there’s a two-minute cool-down time between vehicle deliveries, so players need to wait around if they want to try again and get the vehicle delivered to their actual location.


Ordered my Toreador and it spawned a mile away. Wtf R* from gtaonline

A number of GTA Online players replied saying they’ve experienced the same problem. It seems as though this is a glitch that’s been happening since the Cayo Perico Heist update, which launched on December 15, 2020.

“Calling your vehicle anywhere near the Simeon corner of the docks now spawns your car near the Longfin drop off,” wrote one Reddit user, while another added: “I’ve had it happen when requesting my vehicle near the Merryweather base as well.”

It seems the only way to get around this glitch right now is to move to a different location before spawning your vehicle again. As one GTA Online player jokingly put it, “Ey man, Johnny isn’t on the spot like usual.”


Given that this bug has been occurring for some players since the Cayo Perico Heist update in December last year, we’d hope that Rockstar will deliver a fix for the problem soon enough.