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GTA Online glitch makes MK II Oppressor bikes invisible

Published: 22/Sep/2020 16:20 Updated: 22/Sep/2020 18:59

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online players have come up with a dastardly trick that allows them to become invisible while riding on the MK II oppressors.

Even though there is plenty of variation when it comes to vehicles in Grand Theft Auto, you always know when you’re going to combat a troll when you see a MK II Oppressor hoverbike buzzing around in a lobby.


The hoverbike, which has been nicknamed the Boom Stick by many Grand Theft Auto Online players because of its rockets and resemblance to a broomstick from Harry Potter, can regularly be found chasing an unsuspecting player down before unleashing a barrage of explosives on to them.

While they’re a nightmare to deal with at the best of time, some players have taken things a step further and found a way to make them invisible.

MKII Opressor in GTA
Rockstar Games
The MKII Oppressor, also known as the ‘boom stick’ by some GTA players.

That’s right, when you drop into a GTA Online lobby now, you might just have to combat an invisible MK II Oppressor. Why? Well, there’s a visual glitch going around.

Players have found a way whereby they spawn into a game, load up the Rockstar Creator, and then force an error message. By doing this, they are then sent back into the lobby and to their bike.

By boosting the hoverbikes jet as they return to the game, these players are then made invisible thanks to the visual glitch. It isn’t god mode, but it is pretty annoying to deal with.


Once invisible, these players can fly about as carefree as they like. They might still pop up as a minimap icon but even then, it’s difficult to fight an enemy that you can’t exactly see.

Given that it’s not really an exploit, but does have cause to be very annoying if it becomes widespread, Rockstar Games might have to roll out a hotfix so that the MK II Oppressor’s can’t just terrorize lobbies in an even more villainous way.

Apex Legends

How to get Apex Legends Champion Edition: Release date, price, skins

Published: 13/Oct/2020 18:19

by Tanner Pierce


The Apex Legends Champion Edition bundle is bringing a slew of skins, exclusive weapon charms, and more in Season 7. Here’s everything you need to know from the price to the release date.

Previous Apex Legends editions have included skins and cosmetics, plus Apex Coins. The Champion Edition goes a step further however, as it will unlock all the post-launch Legends leading up to Season 7.


This is perfect if you’re just starting out in Apex Legends and want to get caught up, and it will also fit in nicely with the game’s release on new platforms like Switch and Steam later in the year.

Apex Legends Champion Edition price

The appropriately-titled Champion Edition, includes eight items, including some awesome skins, a weapon charm, and more, all for $39.99. While that is a pretty steep price compared to previous bundle editions, EA says what is included is worth $100, so relatively, this is a great deal.

Respawn Entertainment/EA
Players get a ton of content with the Champion Edition, including some extra character and weapon skins, free unlocks, and more.

Champion Edition content

Just by purchasing the bundle, players will have access to all legends that were released up to season 7 automatically, including the yet-to-be-announced legend coming with the aforementioned season. This means that if you’re a new player or you just haven’t played the game in a while, you won’t have to worry about grinding in order to unlock the Legends.

In addition to those free unlocks, the Champion Edition also includes seven legendary skins. Fans will be able to get their hands on skins for Legends and weapons:

  • 9 character unlocks (all Legends up to Season 7):
    • Caustic, Mirage, Octane, Wattson, Crypto, Revenant, Loba, Rampart, and the Season 7 Legend
  • 7 Exclusive Legendary items:
    • “Risen Queen” Wraith skin
    • “Forged Knight” Revenant skin
    • “Hallowed Spirit” Crypto skin
    • “Curse of the Awaken” Triple Take skin
    • “Slayer’s Lancer” Flatline skin
    • “Jaded Myth” Sentinel skin
    • “Emperor Nessy XIV” Gun Charm
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

Finally, players will also get a Golden Nessie weapon charm (based on the long-running Titanfall and Apex Easter egg), as well as 1,000 Apex Coins.


Champion Edition Release Date

According to Respawn, the Champion Edition will release at the start of Season 7, which is set to start on November 10, 2020, if everything goes according to plan. This means that you only have to wait a month to get your hands on this bundle.

The bundle will be purchasable from both digital storefronts on PlayStation, Xbox and Origin, as well as retail stores in the form of a download card.