How to get secret UFO tattoo in GTA Online: Easter egg guide

David Purcell
GTA UFO easter egg

There is a way of seeing a UFO and having your character claim a secret alien tattoo in Grand Theft Auto 5, but don’t wait around. There’s a good few steps you have to complete in order to get this easter egg working. 

This trick has been in the game for quite some time, but it’s been made more important now – maybe more than ever. The snow that has covered the entire GTA Online map as a surprise for April Fool’s Day makes it easier for it to work.

While many players will simply be skidding around in their cars or throwing snowballs at citizens trying to go about their daily lives in Los Santos, the weather change can actually be a really lucrative time for experienced players – if you know what to do.

GTA 5 has been littered with alien teasers since its release, but an invasion has never materialized.

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The easter egg, reported by Rockstar leaker TezFunz2 on Twitter, was added when the Arena War update released back in December 2018.

While it’s been out for quite some time now, not everybody will have had the chance to actually activate it in-game, because there are a few stars that have to align in order to make it that far – one of which is the weather. A full step-by-step guide can be found below, but be warned, this ain’t easy.

How to activate GTA alien easter egg

  1. Complete the Alien Supply mission in GTA Online (involves finishing 600 resupply missions).
  2. The in-game time is very important, so make sure to monitor this. The time must be between 1 am and 4 am in order for the easter egg to work.
  3. Get to that time and make sure the weather is rain/thunderstorm.
  4. From there, go to a nightclub and drink Macbeth Whiskey Shots repeatedly until you black out.
  5. Keep trying this process until you end up on Mount Chiliad. There, you will see the easter egg.

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For those who have never seen this easter egg before, the YouTube video above from GTA Series Videos will show you exactly how it is done. By completing each step correctly, with the exception of the weather one if it’s snowing as it cancels that out, you should be able to see a UFO encounter in-game.

Your character will then be left with a mark from the creatures who abduct you momentarily. When you wake up, you will see it whisk off into the sky and you will be shirtless, with a huge back tattoo to show you’ve completed the easter egg.

This isn’t something everybody can say they have done in GTA Online and having the scars, but living to tell the tale, makes it even more exciting. Will we ever get an alien invasion? We’ll never know, but this is as close as we’ve come so far.

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