GTA Online player reveals easiest way to take down Oppressor MK2

Oppressor MK2 in GTA OnlineRockstar Games

Zooming around on an Oppressor MK2 in Grand Theft Auto 5 might make you feel invincible at times, but to those wreaking havoc from the skies, this GTA Online player has the perfect way of taking you down. 

Rockstar Games have added all sorts of crazy vehicles since the game first launched back in 2013, and there’s even two versions of the Oppressor – one that stays on the ground, and another that allows players to speed off into the clouds.

The latter is potentially the most popular, and infuriating, vehicle that you will come across in public lobbies. With it being so small and quick, it can be difficult to destroy players when using it, although one messed with the wrong player after getting in the way of their cargo mission – and boy does their tactic of taking them down leave a mark.

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GTA cityRockstar Games
Seeing an Oppressor MK2 flying around Los Santos isn’t always a pretty sight. Sometimes, it sparks danger.

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The Oppressor MK2, introduced with the After Hours update back in 2018, is worth a whopping $3,890,250 from Warstock Cache & Carry – which, you would think, would limit the amount of people using one due to its hefty price tag.

After having their cargo destroyed in GTA Online by a player using one of the hoverbikes, Reddit user CanadianBTW made it their mission to get revenge on an enemy.

As the annoying player continued to fly around Los Santos after ruining the mini mission for the Redditor, they were soon left red-faced after unleashing their secret weapon. This was something much stronger, bigger, faster… the Avenger. If we didn’t know already, its huge propellers make it the perfect Oppressor MK2 killer.

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They simply posted: “He destroyed my cargo, I turn him into ground beef.” Well, that’s a pretty accurate description of what you’re about to see, too.

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In fact, with just one bump it doesn’t just completely set the flying bike off course, but wipes them out completely – a strategy that many other members of the community might want to adopt in the future when coming up against the irritating bike.

If you’re looking to grab yourself one of these monstrous Avengers, however, they’re also not the cheapest thing on the market. Actually, it’s an expensive solution to everybody’s problems, costing between $3,450,000 – $4,787,500 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

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With one ready to be deployed, though, clearly you won’t be worrying for too much longer about the pesky Oppressor MK2. With a perfectly timed hit, you’ll swat them like flies.