GTA Vice City fan bosses it with budget ‘Tommy Vercetti’ cosplay

André González Rodríguez
Tommy Vercetti cosplay
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This GTA fan has pulled off a cheeky Tommy Vercetti cosplay from Vice City on a budget, much to the amusement of fellow players.

Known for its hard-hitting story, the GTA franchise has captivated many fans since the release of its first game back in 1997, Grand Theft Auto. 

The stories in each of the titles possess a plethora of characters that fans can relate to. And with the release of GTA Definitive Editon on November 11, GTA fans have been able to experience some of them once again.

One fan, in particular, took his appreciation for one of the characters to heart and showcased it in a creative way.

GTA Vice City characters walking down stairs in GTA Trilogy remasters
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The Definitive Edition brings back three legendary titles

GTA fan pulls off a budget Tommy Vercetti cosplay

Posted on the GTA subreddit, a fan showcased his budget Tommy Vercetti cosplay from Vice City.

The fan, namely Coles-car_insurance on Reddit, posted what he saw as his own rendition of the former member of the Forelli Crime Family.

Although not quite a one-to-one ratio, the style and the clothes were consistent with the protagonist. 

First of all, Tommy Vercetti’s known button-up was front and center, although not the same in color. After that were his patented jeans, and even though they were not quite the same in style, the idea was still there. 

This cosplay got the attention of GTA fans on the subreddit: “Looking like a Tommy Vercetti from wish, from wish,” said one. Another added: “[A] mix of Tommy Vercetti and Terry Kidumms from Driver Parallel Lines.”

It’s not often that fans of any video game can pull off a budget cosplay of their favorite character without even planning on it, but when it does, it can be eye-catching.