Rockstar drops big hint about GTA Online Franklin DLC in 2022

Franklin GTA Online DLCRockstar Games

Rockstar Games may have inadvertently revealed more plans for GTA 5’s beloved character Franklin in a new update for GTA Online.

Franklin Clinton was one of the three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5 and the hero has returned to the world with the new Contract update.

The mission, which ties directly to GTA’s story mode, features a Franklin many years in the future with players helping Clinton complete the VIP Contract with none other than Dr.Dre.

However, as players have noticed, there seems to be even more content planned involving the popular GTA character.

More Franklin GTA Online DLC leaked?

In a December 23 Rockstar Social Club post, the developer seemed to suggest that this wasn’t the last players will see of Franklin.

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“Help Franklin with his first VIP Contract and you’ll be duly rewarded for aiding an old friend while also making new connections in the music business,” the post reads, referring to The Contract update.

The wording specifically states “his first” implying that there will be more to come. This has resulted in fans speculating on who could be next for future Contract DLC.

Michael and Franklin from GTA VRockstar Games
Could we see Franklin and Michael reunite in GTA Online?

One popular candidate is Michael, one of the other heroes of GTA 5’s story. Others think it could be Rosalia, as she hosts a new radio station and is mentioned a few times in the DLC.

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Plus, with GTA 5 getting re-released on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles alongside a standalone version of GTA Online, there’s a lot of possibilities for what’s to come.