GTA Trilogy slammed for missing “definitive” feature in physical copies

Alan Bernal
gta trilogy
Rockstar Games

People are once again directing their ire at Rockstar Games over the GTA Trilogy, this time for omitting the “definitive” feature physical copies have had throughout the franchise.

As Rockstar maneuver the turbulence from the GTA Trilogy release, Grand Theft Auto fans are finally getting their hands on the physical editions of the game after getting delayed.

The studio delayed the release of physical GTA Trilogy copies to December 17 but some eager fans have been able to get their hands on them a bit early.

People like user ‘WadieXkiller’ were beside themselves after they found out that the box version didn’t come with physical maps or manuals that used to be a standard for GTA.

“Physical versions of The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition have ended up in the public’s hands,” they said. “There is no GTA manual and there are no physical maps”

The gaming industry has largely phased out any manuals or pamphlets that introduce the player to the world they’re about to embark on. But GTA fans noted their disappointment for another shortcoming in what Rockster marketed as the “definitive” edition for the trilogy.

“Lowkey the best part of owning the physical copies of the older GTA’s was because of the manual and map,” one user said. “Yet another disappointment.”

gta trilogy
Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition brought back GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas.

The Definitive Trilogy already endured a barrage of internet scorn from people who were left dissatisfied by the overall quality of the remasters.

“Definitive, yet lacking what the originals had in quality and physical incentive,” another person said.

In some cases, players found the GTA Trilogy to be downright unplayable. The trilogy was then compared to the infamous state of Cyberpunk 2077 upon release which led people to demand refunds.