How to get a refund for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

GTA Vice City characters walking down stairs in GTA Trilogy remastersRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto fans have become so disgruntled with the Remastered Trilogy Definitive Edition that they want refunds. Though, it can be a tricky process. Here’s what you need to know.

When rumors about the GTA Trilogy remasters first swirled in the summer of 2021, plenty of Grand Theft Auto fans were excited at the potential for a nostalgia trip using updated technology.

However, with the remasters now being released, many have been left disappointed. For starters, a handful of iconic songs are missing from the in-game radio stations, while players have issues with the character models, and combat – amongst other things.

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Rockstar have gone as far as removing the remasters from the Rockstar Launcher as they remove files that were left in by mistake. That has only added to player frustration, prompting many to request a refund.

The Remasters have split some GTA fans.

How to request GTA Trilogy refund on PC

If you’re in that boat and you want a refund for the GTA Trilogy, you may have to jump through a few hoops to do so.

For PC players, you have to go through Rockstar Support and manually request a refund. This can be done by logging into your Rockstar Social Club account and going to the Rockstar Support page. You’ll receive an email asking for your order number, and simply have to fill out the form. From there, it is a waiting game.

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How to get refund for GTA Trilogy on Xbox & PlayStation

As for console players, there are similar steps to go through, though it is a little easier. On Xbox, you can head to the ‘request a refund’ page on the Subscription and Billing part of your Microsoft account to see if you’re eligible for a refund. If you are, simply check the box next to the Definitive Edition and then hit the ‘Request Refund’ option that lights up.

It is a similar story for PlayStation players too. Simply go to the PS Store’s request a refund page and select the Remastered Trilogy.

Any refund request has to be made within 14 days of purchasing the games on either console, and you can’t have put a significant amount of time into it either. So, don’t wait long.

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Obviously, if you do receive a refund for your purchase, the games will no longer appear in your library. If you want to jump back in, you will have to buy them again.