GTA Trilogy Remaster has fans divided over graphics on Unreal Engine

GTA Vice City remake fan made trailerYouTube/Welcome to the '80s

With the heavily rumored GTA Trilogy Remaster all but confirmed as coming out Fall 2021, fans have begun debating what the games will look like on Unreal Engine.

Remakes of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas were confirmed in a report by Kotaku. The gaming publication revealed that the Remastered collection would be releasing on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

However, what the game will look like has fans in disagreement. According to the report, the games will feature updated visuals with a blend of “new and old” graphics.

Basically, imagine mods that have been created by community members for those games over the years. Sadly, not everyone seems to be on board.

In a tweet by fan account Rockstar News, the user posted images that they felt would be the closest to how the game would actually look.

The screenshots in question were taken from a 2017 YouTube video where a user remastered the GTA Vice City trailer with an updated appearance.

However, replies showing a potential new look for Vice City’s protagonist Tommy Vercetti in Unreal Engine had some fans furious.

“So you want them to remake the games from the ground up to look like that,” one fan sighed. “Most people have 0 understanding of how to create a video game.”

“No way,” the original poster replied.

“This much better quality could even kill the vibe I think,” another remarked.

Not everyone was opposed to what could possibly happen with the Unreal Engine, though. Images showing what Grove Street from San Andreas could potentially look like in the engine were well-received by fans.

“Take my money,” one instantly commented, hoping that the Remakes really look that good.

It seems like while fans definitely want a graphical improvement over the original games, they don’t want the charm of those titles to vanish. Basically, they’re hoping Rockstar can find the right balance.

Hopefully, we won’t have that much longer to wait until Rockstar officially unveils the GTA Trilogy and we can see exactly what they’re going to look like.