GTA modder shows how awesome GTA Remastered Trilogy could look

Rockstar Games, Hossein Diba

Grand Theft Auto fans were overjoyed to learn of the upcoming remastered trilogy. Now, a GTA modder has provided a glimpse into what these new versions could look like. 

Rockstar Games are in a unique chapter of their career. Since the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2013, they’ve been enjoying the gigantic revenue stream that is GTA Online, even though many fans just want to play GTA 6.

The release of Red Dead Redemption 2 was another massive success too, but now they’re returning to working on something Grand Theft Auto-related.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 is due to celebrate its 20th anniversary on October 22 and to mark the occasion, it appears as if a Remastered Trilogy will finally be released for the modern-day consoles.

Claude in Grand Theft Auto 3Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto 3 defined an entire generation of open-world games.

Updated GTA 3 looks truly awesome

The news of the upcoming remastered trilogy hasn’t been confirmed by Rockstar as of yet. However, Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive let slip they are working on “iterations of previously released titles.”

Reportedly rebuilt using the Unreal engine, fans are curious to see just what the original era trilogy will look like with modern technology. GTA modder ‘just Gesha’ has provided a glimpse into what they might be able to expect. 

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When it comes to GTA mods, there is a huge library of assortments to choose from. While most of them tend to go in for ultra-realistic fidelity (with plenty of rain puddles to drive through), Gesha’s approach to Grand Theft Auto 3 feels respectful of the franchise’s heritage and impressive at the same time. 

Using an assortment of high-resolution texture packs, lighting adjustments, and various other tweaks, these collective mods give Liberty City a makeover that doesn’t seem alienating. We specifically appreciate the addition of interiors to numerous locations across the city.

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Using a GTA San Andreas style approach, players can venture into previously accessible or new areas without the obstruction of a fixed perspective camera. If you ever really wondered what the bathroom in Belleville Park looked like, now is the time to find out. 

Vehicles have also received improvements. Looking sharper than ever, high-speed getaways are now as fun as they’ve ever been. 

Like many fans across the world, we are desperate for a release date but, for now, everyone will just have to keep waiting. 

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