GTA RP is so big even LeBron James and Travis Scott are playing

travis scott lebron james anthony davis gta rpWikiMedia Commons / Anthony Davis / LeBron James Instagram

Role-playing in Grand Theft Auto has gone from a favorite pastime for niche gamers to becoming vibrant communities that host some of the biggest stars in the world like LeBron James, Travis Scott and so much more.

GTA RP servers like NoPixel, MafiaCity, Eclipse, New Hanover, and more are premier destinations for anyone who wants to dive into the fray of online role-playing.

But now the fandom includes a litany of stars from the world of music, traditional sports, acting, etc. Some of them have captured their own gameplay in Los Santos, and have even been recruiting people from their own circles to join them.

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It’s been a growing list of participants that we’ve seen come through GTA’s modded servers and we wouldn’t be surprised if this was just the start of a growing trend.

Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis & LeBron James talk GTA RP

Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant tweeted on March 20 that he was playing in the New Hanover RP server, while openly inviting his 18.9 million followers to get into the game.

In what some people would consider a light RP experience, stars like Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been talking about the GrizzleyWorld RP servers and the like.

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Fellow Laker Dennis Schröder’s stream had a bit of audio from the four-time NBA Champ who wanted to link up.

It’s known that LBJ’s son plays on another server called SSB World, but it sounded like he also peruses Grizzly with his Laker big man.

Travis Scott in GTA RP

Speaking of SBB, in early March, Travis Scott posted on his Instagram a snippet of his trip through the modded server.

He’s been playing with content creators who have been taking him through the ropes.

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gta rp travis scottvia Travis Scott Twitter
Travis Scott has been getting into GTA RP with a slew of content creators.

Paul George joining NoPixel

In addition to Durant, Davis, and LeBron talking about GTA RP, Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George is also getting involved in the fun.

NoPixel’s Buddha, who has been involved with the server since its early days, revealed to Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker that PG13 had “bought a passport” to the city and would be getting involved.

It would be interesting to see if Buddha brought him into the Leanbois gang given his love of basketball.

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This of course is in addition to The Walking Dead’s Chandler Riggs who has been a notable fixture in the NoPixel over the years with a revived version of Rick Grimes adjusted for Los Santos.

There’s a ton of ways to play when logging into a GTA RP server, and it seems like more big names could be joining the sandbox as the scene gets bigger.

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