Partner of NoPixel owner reveals insane cost to keep GTA RP server running

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Arachnea, the partner of NoPixel owner Koil, has revealed the insane price tag that comes with keeping the hugely popular GTA RP server online and functioning for players each month.

Following NoPixel’s 3.0 update in early 2021, many big-name streamers flocked to the category on Twitch and began vying for a coveted spot in the popular server. With creators like xQc, Summit, and shroud focusing their content around NoPixel, its popularity quickly skyrocketed.

Despite some drama surrounding bans and the behavior of certain players on the server, NoPixel has maintained a strong presence on Twitch, with some streamers even shifting their entire channels towards creating NoPixel content.

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While it’s easy for viewers to kick back and enjoy the GTA shenanigans, many don’t realize how costly it is to maintain NoPixel. Now, ‘Arachnea’ (the partner of Koil, who owns the server) has revealed just how much it costs each month to keep the lights on and things running smoothly.

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NoPixel has led to a massive increase in the popularity of GTA RP on Twitch.

On March 25, Arachnea sent out a tweet firing back at accusations that the NoPixel creator is simply using the server for monetary gain. “I often read (misinformed) sentiments that Koil is just a selfish money grabbing guy,” she began.

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“Running NoPixel costs us $10k dollars per month,” Arachnea continued, and also noted that the massive $10k only covers NoPixel’s server costs, and even more money goes towards supporting the developers who work on the product itself.

Some users were quick to call out the NoPixel admin over her figures, and one individual responded “Keep lying, I’m sure Koil will get to buy his 2nd Mustang this year [referring to a car the NoPixel owner purchased in 2020].”

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Arachnea quickly called them out over their comment: “I knew at least one of you would come and claim I was lying so here is the receipt.” In the response, she shared a picture of an invoice from Amazon Web Services (the service provider used to support NoPixel’s infrastructure).

In the image, a monthly invoice for just shy of $10k dollars can be seen addressed to an email labeled “koiltwitch” and clearly confirms Arachnea’s earlier comments about the cost of hosting the NoPixel server — despite doubts from those that say otherwise.

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Based on that invoice, the cumulative cost of NoPixel’s server maintenance is roughly $120k a year. Arachnea and Koil are the ones dealing with that expense (and other costs associated with the server), and it’s clear she wants the community to know why their support is so important.

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With so much money on the line, NoPixel wants fans to know why their support is needed.

How does NoPixel make money?

Developed and managed by Koil and the rest of his team, NoPixel relies on the support of its community to maintain the server. With monthly subscription options starting at $15, and the ability to donate directly, NoPixel’s lifeblood comes from its fans.

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While donating can expedite one’s application for a spot on the server, it’s not required to gain entry. Some might question the motives behind NoPixel’s donation process, but it’s clear that these funds help pay for the server and make sure it stays online for the community to enjoy.

Despite some reservations about the application process and the money being donated to the NoPixel team, Arachnea has made it clear that all forms of support go a long way towards the server’s success, and making sure the content on Twitch continues to flow.

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