GTA Online update: Diamonds back in Casino Heists with high spawn rate

David Purcell
GTA Online player stealing diamonds

GTA Online players are always looking for ways to get more cash in-game and Rockstar Games have given them a huge opportunity to boost their net worth, with the return of Diamond rewards in a new content update.

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The elusive sparkling jewels aren’t always available in the game’s online mode, but when they are, players can get some serious cash boosts for the Diamond Casino heist, should they complete it successfully. This time, they’re back with an increased spawn rate.

With a fresh Grand Theft Auto V update rolling out on July 16, it’s not just heist rewards that have been mixed up this week, but also the vehicle on the Casino podium, cash boosts for specific missions, and more.

So, let’s jump into the early patch notes – based on information from Rockstar leaker TezFunz2.

GTA Online July 16 update patch notes: What’s changed?

Lucky Wheel reward: Komoda

Komoda in GTA Online
The Lampadati Komoda has landed on the GTA Diamond Casino podium.

The vehicle that was first added to GTA Online with the Diamond Casino heist update has returned to the gambling center, and is available to grab for free in the Lucky Wheel rewards.

If you were to purchase this car in-game, it would set you back around $1.7 million from Legendary Motorsport, but every day for the next week you’ll have a shot at winning it for absolutely nothing. Good luck!

GTA cash boosts, races and time trials

Vespucci Job mission in GTA Online
The Vespucci Job is just one of many time trials and races to feature in this week’s patch notes.

Triple rewards for cash and RP will be available on The Vespucci Job in Adversary mode, with double boosts headed to Special Cargo Business and RC Time Trials.

Speaking of which, the RC Time Trial for the week is Vespucci Canals, premium race is Crossing Paths, and normal time trial of Galileo Park. Complete as many of these missions and races as you can to grab bigger rewards than usual in GTA Online.


As per usual, players can also check out a boat load of the latest discounts next time they play. These can be found below:

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Twitch Prime rewards

Twitch Prime subscribers can also get a further 10% off those discounts, and are entitled to some exclusive offers of their own as well. More information on that can be found in our GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards hub for July, 2020.

So, there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about the July 16 GTA Online update, and for more news follow us on Twitter @GTA_INTEL.