Handy GTA Online trick lets players instantly teleport to nearest road

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer Gd3gIdIX]A method to quickly get to the nearest road in Grand Theft Auto: Online lets players avoid the annoying walk down some of the biggest mountains in the game, making it an invaluable tool to get back to the action.

The aftermath of GTA hijinks routinely leaves players stranded in the strangest of places, but being left on mountains can be especially daunting, since the nearest road can typically feel like a miles-long walk.

Luckily, YouTuber ‘Toxic Misfits’ found a teleport glitch in GTA Online that can save bundles of time for players looking for an express way down the hills.

“You guys know how you end up on a mountain, let’s say a Cargo-griefer blows you up or anything like that,” he said. “But fear not, there’s a very easy method you can do.”

The trick to getting down mountains quick in GTA lies with the RC cars.

Toxic Misfits indicates that the only method needed is to have the RC Bandito, Nano Drone, or an RC tank, since you’ll be using it’s spawn point to teleport.

After that, you’ll naturally find yourself in the point of view of the RC Bandito on the closest road. All that needs to be done at this point is to self-destruct the car and your character will replace it on the map.

To summarize, all you need to do is:

  • Get stranded on a Mountain
  • Navigate to ‘Inventory’
  • Scroll down to RC Bandito (or the other options)
  • Hold L1 or Detonate button

The YouTuber was able to quickly get near the Dam after the trick, and from here you have options to quickly get back into a vehicle and set off to the larger map.

This maneuver makes a five minute trek cut down to mere seconds, letting people get back to the main GTA experience instead of dealing with the walking simulator that some players are accustomed to.

This could be the perfect counter for the more hostile players you might encounter in GTA Online who are looking to dampen others’ gameplay.

Make sure to keep this trick in mind the next time you find yourself in the outskirts of the GTA map without any viable options to get back onto the main roads.