Grand Theft Auto 6 map concept would be perfect upgrade for GTA Online

Connor Bennett
A GTA character stood on a boat

[jwplayer Gd3gIdIX]Grand Theft Auto Online fans have come up with an interesting map concept for GTA 6 that would really stretch the limits of the multiplayer mode.

Even though there are no signs of Rockstar Games announcing GTA 6 anytime soon, fans of the Grand Theft Auto series have been coming up ideas of what they want to see next. Be it storylines, characters, or locations, fans have dreamt up pretty much everything. 

One pretty popular idea seems to be that of making the Grand Theft Auto 6 map a bit of a ‘best of GTA’ by combining a whole host of previous locations into one. Plenty of fans have put the idea forward in recent months.

Yet, one fan has taken things slightly further, not just by taking certain locations, but by combining every GTA map in history.

A map of GTA 6.
There have been a huge amount of map concepts for GTA 6.

The huge concept was posted by Reddit user megahurst, with each GTA location taking up a part of the map in relation to where they would actually be on a map of the United States. For example, Vice City is in the southeast corner – looking just like Florida.

The ridiculous size of the map had the Redditor joking about how ridiculous certain missions would be if, say, Rockstar followed through on the concept and it was also used in the multiplayer portion of GTA 6.

Plenty of players got behind megahurst’s idea, noting that it could make planes actually useful given the vast space between the locations.

However, in terms of it actually happening, it might be a little out there. Having so many populated cities in one map would take some almighty power to run but given that new console and PC upgrades will be released before GTA 6, Rockstar could easily unleash their biggest experience yet. 

It just probably won’t be this big.