GTA Online UFO locations: How to find and possible GTA 6 teaser

GTA ufoRockstar Games

Rockstar Games are holding its annual Halloween celebration for GTA Online. Here is everything you need to know about the UFO locations and what they may mean for GTA 6.

From Christmas to Easter to everything in between, Rockstar celebrates real-world holidays in GTA Online with in-game items and updates. The developers are adding new vehicles, masks, and a new game mode for Halloween.

Leaked Developmental footage of GTA 6 started a wave of other rumors and speculation regarding the upcoming title. Reliable GTA leaker Tez2 claimed that the mystery involving a suspicious screenshot of GTA 6 from GTA Trilogy would finally be solved in October, leading up to a possible reveal.

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UFOs will appear around Los Santos through October as part of the Halloween event. Here’s how to find each UFO and how they may tie into GTA 6’s reveal.

Where to find every GTA Online UFO

Tez2 claims GTA’s Halloween event begins on October 15, and the final UFO appears on October 23. A leaked version of the map, showing the locations of the upcoming UFOs along with the projected dates they will appear, has also been shared on Twitter by Tez2.

GTAWeb UFO imagesTwitter: Tez2

When will the UFOs appear in GTA Online?

But not only did Tez2 show off a map of where each UFO will appear, there is also a schedule as to when each UFO will appear in the sky. The calendar lists the locations (corresponding to the numbers in the map above) of UFOs, so make sure to note the days that each UFO will be visible.

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GTA UFO ScheduleTwitter: Tez2

How do the UFOs relate to GTA 6?

Rockstar Games stated, “documentarians who provide a record of each and every sighting this month will collect a fee from a generous believer.”

According to Tez2, the events feature 17 “stages” of UFO sightseeing, with the last one being on Halloween. “The Fort Zancudo UFO, unlike the normal UFO model, will appear on Sunday, October 23, 2022,” he revealed.

In 2021, GTA Trilogy players discovered a photo with the Lil’ Probe’Inn alongside a UFO in the distance, and the image appeared to be from Miami, or Vice City, as known in GTA.

All rumors must be taken with a pinch of salt, but a GTA 6 reveal may finally be right around the corner.

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