How to get GTA Online Halloween masks (2022): Pumpkin Head, Frankenstein, more

GTA online character wearing Conquest maskTwitter: TezFun2

Rockstar Games are, once again, celebrating Halloween in GTA Online with the arrival of some iconic horror masks. So, here’s how you can get your hands on them. 

Over the last decade of GTA Online, Rockstar Games have been sure to celebrate real-world holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day with plenty of in-game items and updates. 

As the calendar has turned to October, it’s approaching the spooky season once again, and GTA Online has already started embracing that. A new horror-filled update has already hit Los Santos, and UFO sightings will be returning before long. They may even tease the announcement of GTA 6. 

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Of course, with it being Halloween, you need a way to get dressed up and scare your friends and foes. Rockstar have obliged on that front with the introduction of a few new masks. 

How to unlock GTA Online Halloween masks (2022 update)

That’s right, are plenty of new masks for you to throw on and use during heists, but it’ll require a bit of effort to get your hands on them. 

For starters, you can unlock the new ‘Famine’ mask by simply logging into GTA Online before October 27. You’ll have to play for 30 minutes to guarantee the unlock, but that’s not exactly hard. 

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In terms of the more recognizable masks – the Frankenstein and Pumpkin Head masks – you’ll have to do a little more leg work. The brown Frankenstein mask is unlocked by joining a business, SecuroServ or Motorcycle Club. The Pumpkin can be unlocked after you find 10 pumpkins around Los Santos.

  • Famine Mask – Log into GTA Online before October 27 (next weekly update)
  • Green Vintage Mummy – Complete a Payphone Hit
  • Brown Frankenstein mask – Become an Associate/Bodyguard/MC Member in GTA Online
  • Dark Green Vintage Vampire – Complete a Special Cargo Sell mission 
  • Pumpkin Head – Collect 10 Jack-o’-lanterns around Los Santos

GTA Online Jack-o’-Lantern locations

In terms of the Pumpkin mask, these Jack-O’-Lanterns are spread far and wide across Los Santos, but you’ll get more than just a mask for finding them. 

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For finding ten, as well as getting the mask, you’ll also get some cash and RP. If you manage to find all 200 of them, you’ll get a Pumpkin-themed t-shirt. Though, thankfully, GTA Series have already got the locations below.

As noted, you’ll only have a limited time to get some of these maks before Rockstar, undoubtedly, adds some more. 

So, act fast and you’ll be able to rock a new look before long.

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