Leaked GTA 6 map coordinates reveal massive size of Vice City

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 leaked map

The GTA 6 hack could be the wildest video game leak of all time with Rockstar trying to recover after footage of the game was released. Now, users are putting together coordinates they discovered to piece together Vice City’s map.

The gaming world was on the edge of its seat on Sunday after 90 videos showing GTA 6 in action were leaked, confirming reports of a female protagonist, Vice City, and more.

As Rockstar scrambled to take the videos offline and the FBI launched an investigation, users began taking notes of areas seen in the footage, cross-referencing past games, and using coordinates in the leaked videos to help map out Vice City.

Efforts such as this have worked wonders in the past. As Kotaku reported, users did the same for GTA V prior to the game’s release and created a map nearly identical to the real one. It’s still early, but users have pieced together what they believe Vice City will look like and it’s insane.

Users create GTA 6’s Vice City map with leaked coordinates

By using coordinates in the videos to pinpoint exact locations as well as Rockstar’s own measurements to compare the scale to Los Santos, they feel it can create an accurate representation of what the finished product could be like.

The following map, created by user ‘Church of GTA’ shows that a lot of the city is an urban environment, potentially more so than GTA V’s.

In the top left, users can take note of Port Gellhorn, which seems to be a smaller city in addition to Vice City.

Vice City’s map size becomes even more impressive when you factor in how notable insider Tez2 suggested that GTA 6 will be adding new cities over time with single-player DLC – something unfortunately absent from GTA 5.

Keep in mind, however, that the map could change and already may have changed, drastically from what was leaked, so on release, it could be much different.

In any case, once Rockstar finally shares some official details on GTA 6, expect the map experts to get back to work and piece together more of this modern-day take on Vice City.

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