GTA Online insider says “leaked” GTA 6 screenshot mystery will finally be solved soon

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 screenshot

A mysterious screenshot thought to be the first legitimate image of GTA 6 will finally be addressed by Rockstar in GTA Online according to an established insider.

Back in 2021, GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition players made a big discovery in San Andreas when they noticed a new photo in the Lil’ Probe’Inn alongside images from Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5.

The photo featured a house not found in an existing Rockstar title and a UFO off in the distance. News of the discovery quickly went viral with players eventually determining the house seemed to be located in Florida – the real-life version of GTA’s Vice City.

Although there has not been any new information related to the mysterious house photo, well-known insider Tez2 says that Rockstar has something planned in GTA Online that could lead to a GTA 6 tease.

GTA 6 by rockstar games

Insider says GTA 6 teaser might be coming in October

In a post in the GTAForums, Tez2 revealed that Rockstar will start having UFOs appear in GTA Online just 16 days before Halloween.

Then, on October 23, the stealth UFO will appear in place of the standard UFO model. Why? Well, according to Tez2, it all comes back to the leaked photo from GTA Trilogy.

“A year ago, we had this interesting mystery hunt,” he said, referring to the house image. “The mysterious picture just happened to be displayed within Lil’ Probe’Inn, a UFO-themed bar.”

The insider teased some big answers to that leaked screenshot.

In a follow-up comment, the insider said there’s a “high chance” for a GTA announcement in October alongside the UFO event.

“There’s no in-game hint towards GTA 6 within GTA Online files. Rockstar is cautious enough not to do that. But the hint may arrive within the tweet Rockstar will prepare to talk about the UFOs happening on GTA Online,” he continued.

GTA 6 info from tez2
Rockstar could finally start teasing GTA 6 in October.

“We may receive a tweet like this one from Rockstar, except the newspaper may have a small extra section below suggesting tropical storms in two days or something like that. Thus, hinting at GTA 6’s announcement.”

Fans have been patiently awaiting an official trailer or announcement from Rockstar for GTA 6, but have been left in the dark so far. Instead, the company has hyped the game stating they want to exceed expectations and set “entertainment benchmarks” for the industry.

Until then, however, fans may have a little bit longer to wait to see if the screenshot mystery is solved and if GTA 6 finally gets teased by Rockstar.