Controversial GTA Online update tweaked after players frustrated by changes

GTA online players parachutingRockstar Games

Rockstar Games may have tried to get rid of certain jobs in GTA Online, but they’ve reverted the changes after it locked fans out of one of GTA 5’s toughest achievements. 

It’s well documented now that GTA 5 and GTA Online have been around for nearly a decade and we’re no closer to knowing any concrete details about GTA 6.

Fans of Rockstar Games’ iconic franchise are desperate for any sort of news or hint, but the developers have just plowed on with updating GTA Online and bringing new content to Los Santos.

Though, one of the most recent changes caused a stir as it stopped players from unlocking the Numero Uno achievement/trophy because they could no longer play certain GTA Online jobs. Though, that’s been changed already.

GTA Online Cayo PericoRockstar Games
GTA Online receives a scheduled update every single week but some don’t go down too well.

The achievement/trophy requires players to achieve first place in every competitive game type in GTA Online, including the parachuting and sea racing jobs.

These jobs were cycled out of GTA Online back on September 16, with Rockstar stating that they were removing older tasks as a way to improve matchmaking. While not every fan was concerned about the achievement, removing the jobs also meant some fun races and nice ways to make cash were taken away.

However, with the weekly update dropping on September 30th, Rockstar changed course. “Sea Races and Parachuting Jobs are also returning for a limited time, allowing those who have yet to unlock the “Numero Uno” Trophy/Achievement a chance to complete it,” they said.

Screenshot of GTA Online update reverting changeRockstar Games
Rockstar reverted their change in their September 30 update.

While the jobs are returning, they will be cycled in and out over time as Rockstar continues to adjust GTA Online’s matchmaking.

It’s unknown just when the jobs will be tweaked again so don’t sit on your hands as you might miss them.