GTA Online players ask Rockstar for “smoother” items interface

André González Rodríguez
GTA Online smoother item interface
Rockstar Games

GTA Online fans want Rockstar to implement a smoother items interface akin to the wheel system in Red Dead Redemption 2.

A franchise known for its hard-hitting story in its titles, GTA now has more to do with its online feature. Players can go out and about with friends, grief other players with weapons, complete heists and with the new The Contract update see some familiar faces.

With all the things there are to do and collect in GTA Online, there will be a lot of interaction with item interface menus. Seeing that the game came out in 2013 though, players are asking Rockstar for a much-needed update.

Rockstar Games
The Contract update released on December 15.

GTA Online players want a smoother items interface

Players can go about accessing GTA Online’s items interface in a few ways. On PC, you can just press the M key on the keyboard and begin scrolling through.

On consoles though, it’s different. Xbox users have to press the view button, while on PlayStation users can simply press the Touchpad to access the menu.

It can feel clunky at the best of times to press a button just to bring up menus in addition to then scrolling through categories and individual items.

That’s why Reddit user, Hyper_Blade 123 suggested an alternative on the GTA Online subreddit: an item wheel like what’s used in Red Dead Redemption 2.

GTA Online already has a wheel feature of its own for weapons, but this doesn’t include access to clothing, outfits, food, or drinks, like it does in Red Dead. The idea’s proven popular on Reddit, with plenty of players expressing their distaste for the current, “clunky” system that’s been in use for over half a decade.

“For a AAA megagame, GTA V has an extraordinarily clunky interface, has to be said,” said one.

“The fact you have to use f**king page up during Cayo Perico heist is so incredibly idiotic. No other key is even used could have just as well been E. Some people don’t even have page up on their keyboards,” another added.

While it’s a popular idea, only time will tell if Rockstar will actually revise the current iteration of GTA Online’s item interface or not.