GTA Online community instantly finds way to break Stun Gun after cooldown “fix”

André González Rodríguez
GTA Online Stun Gun
Rockstar Games

There’s never a shortage of players breaking GTA Online – Grand Theft Auto fans always find their way through a mechanic. This time around, though, they’ve found a way to get past the latest Stun Gun cooldown “fix”.

Ever since its launch in 2013, GTA Online hasn’t ceased to have players running about in Los Santos. Whether it’s griefing each other, completing heists, or racing fancy cars, there’s always something to do.

One thing that’s also always available for the community to do is find ways to break the game. The population has found a plethora of glitches and bugs in the game’s eight-year existence and there’s no sign of them stopping. This one in particular, though, relates to one of the game’s “non-lethal” guns.

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GTA Online always has something to do

GTA Online community breaks the Stun Gun

For the longest time, players weren’t able to purchase the Stun Gun, forcing them to have to perform glitches or bugs in order to get their hands on it. But with the latest update, Rockstar finally made it available. The weapon was made accessible with The Contract update and on top of that, fans could spam its use.

Devs decided to give it a lengthy cooldown duration. This was done in hopes to calm down the improper use. But, as always, GTA Online fans found a way to circumvent that.

First brought up by Reddit user _Publicharp_ on the GTA Online subreddit, they showcased a way to still have the Stun Gun without a cooldown.

In order for the Stun Gun to not have a cooldown, players will have to perform a certain number of actions in rapid succession. First, shoot the Stun Gun at a target, then quickly after the gun dischargers, bring up your inventory menu then select “Enable Custom Weapon Loadout”. After that, swap from your main weapon back into the Stun Gun and that’s it – a Stun Gun without cooldown.

Players will always look for ways to break GTA Online, be it a Stun Gun or a money glitch. Either way, Rockstar has yet another bug they have to fix.