GTA Online Halloween Surprise 2020: Start date, new jobs, event details

Connor Bennett
GTA Online character on the LCC Sanctus bik

With Halloween on the horizon, GTA Online players have been asking if Rockstar will keep up with traditions and have a limited-time event. So, here’s everything we know. 

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Since GTA Online released back in 2013, Rockstar Games have had an affinity for limited-time events around holidays. This has included Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, and Easter. 

The Grand Theft Auto developers will typically make new content available with these updates too – be it cars, clothes, houses, or new jobs. Though, as we’ve seen over Christmas before, decorations and weather across Los Santos can change too. 

With Halloween on the horizon, and everyone gearing up to the spooky holiday, some GTA V fans have been left asking if Rockstar will have an event – seeing as they didn’t celebrate GTA Online’s birthday this year. So, here’s what we know.

GTA Online Halloween Surprise logo
Halloween Surprise has been a yearly tradition in GTA Online since 2015.

GTA Online Halloween Surprise 2020 date

While Halloween is celebrated around the world on October 31st, Rockstar has typically taken a few days before, and after, to keep the party going in GTA Online. 

The earliest start to the Halloween celebrations came back in 2017, when Rockstar’s update rolled out on October 27. The latest that the spooky event has gone away came in 2015, when Halloween last all the way until November 16. 

This year, it should start around October 29 – given that it is the last Thursday, the day updates are released, before Halloween. As for when it will end, November 5 would be a full week on, so that seems likely as an ending point. 

GTA Online character dressed as the devil
New masks are typically added too, so players can dress up for Halloween.

New cars and missions for Halloween Surprise 2020 update?

As for new content, Rockstar will more than likely add a Halloween themed vehicle to the Casino podium. Last year, this honor went to the LCC Sanctus motorbike, and it wouldn’t be a shock to see that return too.

There are also typically new Survival missions and cash bonuses. These should also return too. As for where the double cash and RP bonuses might go to, Survival missions or Adversary mode jobs. 

Will Peyote Plants return to GTA Online?

In addition to those, we could see the return of the Peyote Plants. These plants are dotted around Los Santos and consuming one will turn you into a random animal. 

Like the new vehicle and survival missions, this was a part of last year’s Halloween Surprise update, so it could be a case of rinse and repeat for Rockstar.

If the Peyote Plants do make a return, you’ll be able to find them using our map and guide, which can be found here

Bigfoot in GTA V
The Golden Peyote Plant, which lets you play as Bigfoot, should also return.

Given that Rockstar didn’t celebrate GTA Online’s birthday, there might be some skepticism surrounding Halloween Surprise this year, especially as the major winter update is too far away either.

However, if anything changes – be it good news or bad – you’ll be able to find the latest update here on Dexerto and our GTA Twitter page – GTA_Intel.