GTA fans have a new way to pass the time until GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto fans that are eagerly awaiting an annoucement for GTA 6 have found an unusual way to pass the time inside GTA V.

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Even though Rockstar Games have remained silent on a possible new Grand Theft Auto title, that hasn’t stopped fans from dissecting hints, coming up with their own theories, and jumping all over possible ‘leaks’ as the hype builds up.

While some fans have been turned their time into becoming detectives, others have found stranger ways to endure the wait – and it involves doing laps of the Grand Theft Auto V map of Los Santos.

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Rockstar GamesGTA fans have been starved of any GTA 6 info.

YouTuber 10HourMovies has kicked off a livestream of themselves riding around the GTA V map, claiming that they will continue to do it until the new game is released – it also helps that the time would also lead to some sort of world record.

As of writing, the livestream has been going for a little over two weeks as 10HourMovies kicked things off on October 5, and is now closing in on 1000 laps. In that time, thousands of viewers have dropped by to watch as they race around the Los Santos map in a modified Obey Tailgater. 

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However, some viewers have been skeptical of the livestream, with some passers-by regularly claiming that he YouTuber must have some assistance to keep the stream going.

Comments explaining that it must be a bot or a recorded video can regularly be seen in the chat while the YouTuber also responds to messages, donations, and subscriptions on a periodic basis. 

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Of course, it is unknown what 10HourMovies is doing to keep the stream and car going, but it’s clearly an interesting idea to pull off. 

With no official confirmation for Grand Theft Auto VI anywhere in sight, the stream will probably keep going for quite a while yet. Whether or not it’ll be able to keep up its success is another question, but it’s definitely worth dropping in on at least once or twice.

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