GTA fans convinced Rockstar broke silence on GTA 6 with subtle message

Connor Bennett
GTA character in red jacket walking away from explosionRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto fans are convinced Rockstar Games have, finally, made another comment on GTA 6 after they added a classic Vice City t-shirt to GTA Online. 

Rockstar Games and their publisher, Take-Two, have their cards pretty close to the chest when it comes to GTA 6. They’ve both confirmed that it is in development and that the massive leaks from last September were a work in progress of that

Since then, Rockstar have continued pushing out content for GTA Online including the Los Santos Drug Wars and Los Santos Mercenaries update. While these two updates have added plenty of new missions, fresh vehicles, and other features to GTA Online, fans also believe they hold clues. 

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That’s especially true in the case of the more recent Los Santos Mercenaries update, as fans believe the GTA developers are hiding clues in plain sight. 

GTA Online fans convinced new t-shirt is a GTA 6 reference

Shortly after the update when live, players noticed that in the new ‘Rockstar Anniversary’ collection of clothing items, there are t-shirts that may have some secrets. 

One t-shirt has been decoded to have the message ‘one day will reveal all’, however, there is another, unreleased of yet, option that is a bit more in your face. It’s a white t-shirt in the style of the band Frankie Goes To Hollywood, whose song Relax featured in Vice City, that simply says ‘Rockstar Says Relax.’

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While the t-shirt is just a parody of the ones the band iconically used to wear, it did also feature in Vice City Stories – the Vice City spin-off game. That has got some convinced that it’s a message about GTA 6. 

“W Rockstar for taunting the GTA 6 beggars,” said one. “Rockstar says relax is the best response to people saying ‘this isn’t GTA 6’,” added another. “I’m 100% convinced now that GTA 6 will be revealed before the next update,” commented another, more hopeful fan. 

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As noted, it’s very likely just a nod to the good old days of Vice City Stories but when it comes to GTA 6, fans remain rabid.

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