GTA 6 online story feature seemingly discovered in leaked gameplay footage

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 feature discovered

GTA 6’s story campaign could be the first to include online co-op after players discovered clues in leaked gameplay footage.

The big GTA VI leaks back in September of 2022 revealed that players will be returning to Vice City with a female protagonist alongside a slew of other gameplay features.

Although Rockstar has yet to officially announce the long-awaited game or provide an update on GTA 6’s development for months now, the leaks have given fans a lot to sink their teeth into.

One such clip featuring the game’s playable characters, Lucia and Jason has revealed an ambitious new online co-op feature where two players could take control of the duo.

GTA 6 co-op story mode possibly leaked

In a thread on Reddit, a user noted how one of the videos of leaked gameplay features both Jason and Lucia in a club, but there was something interesting that fans seem to have missed.

“Lucia’s character doesn’t move like an AI after all, she moves like it’s being controlled by another player,” the Redditor explained. “That might also explain the share inventory function in the game.”

Players were quick to jump on the co-op hype train with some saying the feature would be “great” and praised it as yet another way to experience the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Lucia loading screen in GTA 6
Fans are awaiting Rockstar to finally announce GTA 6.

Others weren’t as excited, commenting how they weren’t sure how many people would actually enjoy it and voiced uncertainty about how missions involving only one character would work.

This discovery comes just a week after another GTA 6 Online clip resurfaced showing off a 32-player count for the mode – something Rockstar insider TezFun also pointed out back in November.

Of course, until Rockstar unveils anything, take all of this with a grain of salt and a pinch of pepper, because it’s also possible that any co-op modes could be cut from the final product.

Until then, keep it locked to Dexerto for all things GTA 6 leading up to its reveal and even a rumored 2024 launch.

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