GTA 6 Online details leaked? Insider reveals characters, locations & missions

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 cover photoRockstar Games

A new GTA 6 leak has surfaced purporting to reveal how the upcoming game’s GTA Online mode will function, what characters you can play as, and what you can do.

Not much is known about Rockstar Game’s next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, despite the company announcing that work on the game is “well underway.”

As we wait for information to be revealed officially, leaks and rumors have surfaced indicating a return to Vice City is planned alongside a slew of massive new features such as large-scale destruction.

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Now, a leaker who has made correct claims in the past has revealed possible info about GTA 6’s Online and how it will function compared to the first installment.

Police officers in GTA 6Rockstar Games
You might be able to play as a cop in GTA 6 Online.

GTA 6 Online leak reveals four characters and factions

According to Redditor ‘GTA_VI_Leak,’ who has posted a ton of information about the upcoming game, GTA 6 Online will take place after the single-player game and will let users take control of four characters.

The leaker claims that each of the four Online characters will have their own story and roles. Additionally, players can switch between their characters to play their individual missions, but they will have unique money and assets.

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The first is a low-ranking member of El Tercer Ojo cartel from South America where you will be smuggling drugs and guns and have access to the best weapons.

GTA 6 trailerRockstar Games
GTA 6’s Online mode could be amazing if this leak is true.

Second is a DOA agent from Vice City hellbent on taking down the cartel by arresting its members and performing “large operations.” However, killing NPCs and other players will lower your reputation. The larger your reputation rank, the larger your salary.

As a member of the Ballas or Families gang, you can build a reputation by selling drugs and having shootouts with rival gangs to gain territory. “The Ballas and Families are from opposite sides of Carcer City and each have a ‘home turf’ on either side that can never be taken,” the leaker wrote.

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Finally, as a member of the Von Crastenburg family, you can build your reputation by forming legitimate businesses through your crimes. Additionally, you cannot gain a wanted level by playing as this character.

Of course, take everything here with a grain of salt until Rockstar announces anything, but if this leak proves to be accurate, GTA 6’s Online mode could be absolutely amazing.

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